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      Hainan tourism has a new challenge to the new self play - to Sanya to rock climbing. Located in Sanya Sanya ShanHaiTian Red Coral climbing base not long ago. Climbing base is located in ShanHaiTian hotel near the mountain is a National Nature Reserve of macaque, the mountain is a national coral reef, is currently a rare coastal natural rock climbing. This rock is composed of granite and basalt, climbing the highest degree is 30 meters, steep slope of nearly 90 degrees, is an ideal natural rock climbing places. The climbers climb to the peak at the same time, both enjoy mountaineering, and overlooking the East China Sea scenery, exciting and enjoyable.

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0-- Sanya where fun, there is rock climbing place?

Answer: Yes ah, want to play what kind of? Luhuitou has a latitude of eighteen degrees outside, can experience climbing bouldering. Professional coach. That environment is good to play a lot of projects2010-11-19Answer:   large egg rolls1 answersSix

1-- I love rock climbing, and I am seeking a good outdoor club in Sanya.

A: there is a family called "Sanya Island outdoor club" good, his family full of full range of projects. What rock climbing, mountain climbing, camping ah, barbecue ah, all of which have. What the arrangement of the line is also very good.2010-09-25Answer:   free and unfettered wind and wavesFour answers4

2-- Haikou rock climbing club

A: 5.11 rock climbing club is located on the west side of the South Square of Haikou City Beach Avenue gymnasium. Traffic convenience, traffic station: 18 road, 22 Road, 31 Road, 7 Road, 6 road, etc.. Features: indoor rock climbing, rock climbing, professional rock climbing equipment and other sports venues construction, management, leasing of sports and cultural activities of the organization. Haikou 5.11 rock climbing bar and Haikou sports...2009-08-10Answer:   know the net friend2 answersSixteen

3-- Sanya has no outdoor rock climbing can be downhill?

Answer: have.. Baidu latitude 18 degrees outdoor2010-11-21Answer:   huwai01One answers1

4-- Yangshuo rock climbing sites more reasons, geography

Answer: Yangshuo, the Holy Land in the hearts of Chinese climbers, Yangshuo's rock climbing routes from the number, quality and difficulty level is the most domestic. The limestone structure makes Yangshuo route climb up graceful freely, is also good to hear or see, here is rich in limestone landscape diversity, carry out rock climbing geographical conditions have. International rock climbing activity...2016-04-25Answer:   pincha.One answers1

5-- Baiwangshan climbing venue is the natural rock and artificial rock combination? ...

Answer: Baiwangshan Forest Park is the use of natural rock climbing area, by the national team design built. The wall height of 16.8 meters, the existing 12 climbing line, the degree of difficulty is different, can adapt to a variety of age and level of the rock climber. Become a member of the rock climbing club, the card can be in mid March to mid November free access to the Forest Park, with...2015-10-11Answer:   37whj371 answers

6-- where there is rock climbing venues in Macao

Answer: Macao is located in Songshan park holding wall. Height of 5 meters, suitable for beginners, there is a fully equipped with a shower and locker room, free of charge. Hope to adopt.2014-10-21Answer:   why bother OK1 answers

7-- said that Sanya outdoor day tour fun, but I looked like that, did not...

Answer: the first day of the Phoenix Airport - Binhai station in Sanya city is located in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, tourism resources be richly endowed by nature, is China's only tropical seaside tourist city, the territory of sunshine, sea, beach, climate, forests, animal, hot springs, caves, pastoral and customs ten scenic resources. About two hundred km from the coast, clouds, the Great East China Sea, the East China Sea, Yalong Bay, the East China sea...2010-11-19Answer:   small Zhuo 014 answers1

8-- where is the famous rock climbing site in China?

Answer: 1 Guangxi Guilin Yangshuo, natural rock climber, domestic shrine 2 Beijing Huairou natural rock. Many of the 3 lines of Henan Guo Liang, Yunnan Kunming 4 to be developed, the natural rock city have quite a lot of indoor rock, can the related information of your city by Baidu Google in the search.

2006-08-18Answer:   autumn dry rice dumplingsTwo answers2

9-- Nanjing which is a rock climbing club or a place to rock climbing?

Answer: Zhongshan Road, Nanjing national fitness center this strategy climbing club address: Zhongshan East Road Nanjing Baixia District No. 145 national fitness center in Xinjiekou Tel: 025-85087584

2014-06-27Answer:   white flowers 13421 answers

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1.Seb  2018-02-14 15:19:40 Reply to this comment
I'm in Sanya looking for rockclimbing, can someone help ? i will be here for a couple of months. thank you :)


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