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What does the 0-- snow or ice sports have (except skiing and ice skating)?

Answer: Modern Olympics projects include 14 items: first, speed skating (speed skating) two, short track speed skating (short track speed skating), three (Alpine skiing) four alpine skiing, freestyle skiing (freestyle skiing) five (country skiing Cross, cross-country skiing, Nordic two (six) n...2007-11-20Answer:   the final idea3 answersTwenty-two

1-- snow sports on the English word

Answer: Skating skee ice hockey throw skate ski snowballs Ice Dance Ice Hockey fights2014-10-224 answers

2-- what movie or TV drama has a sister (girl) and the snow capped mountains (in the map to guess)...

Answer: the sound of music (1965) director: Robert Wise screenwriter: Ernst Lehmann starring Zhu Li Andrews \/ Christopher Plummer \/ Elin Parke \/ Richard Hayden \/ Peggy Wood Northrop \/ more... Genre: Drama \/ romance \/ Dance \/ family \/ biography country: United States: English language release date: 1965-03-0...2015-07-19Answer:   zhhuga12131 answers

3-- is a kind of sports equipment which is popular with teenagers...

Answer: (1) to people and the sled as its research object, for the decline process, according to the theorem of kinetic energy: W = 12 m V 2T - 12 m V 20 into the data available: W =3000J; (2) to people and the sled as its research object: W = W + W f G alloy =mgh+W f; W f =-6000J into the data: so, do to overcome the friction...2014-06-241 answers

4-- Lam Lushunkou District of Dalian street there is a place called snow sports team

Answer: have! If you are a foreign friend, Sata to Lushun square or bus station by bus 2 to 406 hospitals (terminal) walk back off is 50, you'd better call in advance, this season generally led to Heilongjiang during the winter training, I hope that the answer can help you, thank you2011-12-12Answer:   ytyt00123 answers

Love tubing 5--i how to translate? Tubing is a kind of snow sports

Answer: tubing is n. (metal, plastic and other tubular materials); tubing; pipe laying; tubbing. Can be understood as: I love Lu tube....2012-12-21Answer:   know the net friend1 answers

6-- Wulong fairy mountain snow four introduction

Answer: 3 2016-10-06 09:44 | anonymous browsing 2016-10-06 09:48 with the best answer oh... Chongqing winter tourism does not need to travel, in the fairy mountain can enjoy the charm of snow sports and romantic stimulation...2016-10-06Answer:   Wangcai; not a dog ah1 answers

7-- Lam Lushunkou District of Dalian street there is a snow sports team to call...

Answer: the snow sports brigade in Port Arthur taiyanggou 406 next to the hospital, you can see the hospital to find 406, obviously, is on the side of the road.2011-12-10Answer:   open free ship of the sea1 answers

8-- what are the two sticks in the hands of skiing

Answer: when skiing two sticks the hands of what is called ah stick snow sports equipment. Made of wood, bamboo, alloy, aluminum or glass. By the rod rod, rod tip, snow wheel, grip and other parts of the leather. Stick: it is used in sliding support, in...2015-10-23Answer:   dull dull beastFour answers4

9-- math problem.. Super simple

Answer: G86 water, ice and snow sports G87 other sports G89 sports sports H language, text... Q44 motor organ physiology Q46 endocrine physiology Q45 physiology of the cycle Q47 respiratory physiology Q48...2014-11-067 answers

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