Queershan climbing Photo Exhibition (5)

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Guide 0-- que mountain climbing

Answer: because of traffic inconvenience, so I chose to climb queershan teams rarely, even according to the reserve managers said that nearly five years have twenty or so team to climb queershan, but mostly just climb to 5500 meters. Now go to queershan by bus it is generally the first day of Chengdu to Kangding, second days from Kangding to Ganzi, Ganzi for third days to the new road to the sea...2016-05-13Answer:   the 9623 dream1 answers<1Two3>2

The traffic information 1-- queershan

Answer: from Chengdu along the Sichuan Tibet highway west through Kangding, tongolo north, via Daofu, Ganzi, Yulong area, the entire 868 km. A new way to reach the North Sea que peak, new road, Hainan River, 3800 meters above sea level of the mountain stronghold. The snow mountain climbing trip mulberry D1: Chengdu - Kangding - Xinduqiao starting in the morning, 8 hours to Xinduqiao accommodation. D2: new...

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2-- queershan mountaineering history

Answer: September 24, 1988 and 25 by the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) and the 10 joint mountaineering team of Kobe University in Japan consisting of two batches of the first ascent of queershan. In 1997, a British expedition to the summit. In August 2002, two South Korean summit. In July 2003, the exploration team from Sichuan Chengdu edge ridge six successful ascent. 200...

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How 3-- boarded Liuzhou queershan mountains? Queershan can climb? According to what...

Answer: queershan in Liubei finch Shan Park, do not need tickets to enter the park, there are signs to the mountain, the mountain has a stone road, artificial fix, good climbing! Hope to have a good time!

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4--2016 Liuzhou queershan lanterns to see it

Answer: 2016 Liuzhou queershan not exhibited in the Lantern Festival lantern, carry out the following activities: 1, February 22nd 20:30, held in the Confucious'Temple along the promenade lantern lantern riddles, garden activities; 2, February 22nd 19:45, held in Liuzhou lantern opera Gala in February 22nd 3, the East Gate Tower; 20:00, in "the Liujiang River pearl" on the water Liuzhou Lantern Festival held a variety of stage...

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