CCTV shooting outdoor program stills - Dazhai terrace (1)

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0--cctv1 program table all yesterday

Answer: 07-16 00:15 01:30 at noon on Friday evening the first wonderful TV series: 13\/27 sword sword sword sword plot stills actor table 02:23 TV: 14\/27 03:09 TV: sword sword 15\/27 03:55 TV 16\/27 04:00 TV: sword sword 16\/27 04:41: man and nature: the exploration of nature exploration assembly No. 4 05: 05:11...2016-03-05Answer: Du;   know JunOne answers1

CCTV2 program table for 1-- yesterday

Answer: 01:06 01:59 swap space kitchen king 02:56 purchase fashion 03:52 weekend special for 04:15 04:42 05:15 Chinese youth expert in making money consumer advocate 06:10 07:00 said ChiaTai 09:01 for the first time over the weekend for 09:52 super parenting Division 2 10:51 kitchen king 11:50 Global Connection midday show 12:30 where you from...2015-01-02Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers12

2--cctv1 at 9 a.m. to 11:59 in the evening.

Answer: 09:08 daily diet 09:26 Drama: ares 35\/53 drama stills actor Xue and Tian Feng agreed to partition the marriage ring Xue with a large force to the mountain to escape, Ma Zheng with Feng Xiaolan and the devil is coming to a field hospital, see camp being a Japanese attack, his heroic stay in command of troops. A nine no match for the Japanese bombardment, fighter...

2014-12-15Answer:   laudy88One answers1

How 3-- Longsheng peace and Dazhai terrace tour arrangements?

Answer: Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace tour itinerary: 7:30 - 8:30 morning bus to Longsheng Longji, visit the world's most magnificent Terrace - []: Longji terrace scenic spot, with seven longzhiji; terraced fields such as chain like belt, from the foot to the top of the hill around, such as snails, like mountain towers, folds, scattered high and low lines clear supple, freely flowing style of writing, the scale of the majestic zhuang...

2016-01-28Answer:   cszms5 answers<12Three>3 4--cctv4 - 2015-4-1 program table

Answer: 00:11 00:41 01:00 Chinese China literary treasure files 01:10 news daily diet (Overseas Edition) 01:20 Lecture Room (Overseas Edition) 02:00 news 02:30 03:00 news 03:15 Chinese world China puket 04:00 05:00 05:30 China China news traveled Chinese world 06:00 China News 06:13 home...


Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers 5--cctv14 children's channel program table January 30th

Answer: CCTV-14 children's channel on January 30, 2015 (Friday) at noon Friday evening program 01-30 00:34 Sui Tang Heroes (79) drama stills actor table tells Yang You that Ruyi Li Shimin is the son of his hand side of the trump card, he will let Li Shimin vowed not to rebel Yang, said to the moon when the emperor Li Yuan, Ruyi analysis said Li Yuan's four sons,...


Answer:   days to reverse the course of events;One answers1 6-- CCTV 1 sets of May 16, 2015 program

Answer: 00:35 animal world 01:09 2015 color Chinese -902:39 CCTV 03:29 family humor contest wonderful moment 03:41 champion in 2015 360 "51" special program -204:31 Legal Report 04:59 news network 05:29 with natural 06:00 infared 08:35 TV: Malaysia Xiangyang countryside record 22\/40 drama stills love actor table Village life...


Answer:   heilu20081 answers<12Three>3 7--cctv6 September 5, 2016 program list

Answer: 00:05 2016-09-04 movie news evening 00:10 film to explore the two of us China \/ 01:33 movie stills cast high altitude love 2 Chinese stills actor table 03:18 movie screen odd case fans Chinese stills actor table 04:51 movie landlords China 06:07 movie stills actor table four kings China stills actor table 07:36...


Answer:   I'm just a racing driver.1 answers 8-- great challenge program list

Answer: first period: the life of the choice of content: the challenge of the brothers came to Shanghai, in order to "or No Yes" life choices to complete a series of thematic tasks. The familiar character color science Le Jia, perfectly avoided all difficult task; usually face serious Sa Beining is to refresh the cognition of audience, humorous show make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks skills, each character is out...


Answer:   stroll union 00D67One answers1 9--CCTV TV guide channel detail program!

Answer: 09-12 at noon on Monday evening 00:22 chief 01:19 01:56 in the animal world ChiaTai 02:58 wonderful moment 03:15 Xiao Cui said, 04:05 international art 04:58 Legal Report case 05:26: man and nature: the exploration of nature 06:00 daily diet 06:10 focus: the facts speak 06:24 news network 07:00 Wen chao...


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