CCTV shooting outdoor program stills - Dazhai terrace (8)

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How 0-- Longsheng peace and Dazhai terrace tour arrangements?

Answer: Guilin Longsheng Longji terrace tour itinerary: 7:30 - 8:30 morning bus to Longsheng Longji, visit the world's most magnificent Terrace - []: Longji terrace scenic spot, with seven longzhiji; terraced fields such as chain like belt, from the foot to the top of the hill around, such as snails, like mountain towers, folds, scattered high and low lines clear supple, freely flowing style of writing, the scale of the majestic zhuang...2016-01-28Answer:   cszms5 answers<12Three>3

1-- great challenge program list

Answer: first period: the life of the choice of content: the challenge of the brothers came to Shanghai, in order to "or No Yes" life choices to complete a series of thematic tasks. The familiar character color science Le Jia, perfectly avoided all difficult task; usually face serious Sa Beining is to refresh the cognition of audience, humorous show make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks skills, each character is out...

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Brief introduction of 2-- gold pit terrace

Answer: Guangxi Guilin Longsheng County, Heping Township, northeast in a lofty mountains and high ranges, called Jinkeng where it occupies an area of more than and 10 square kilometers, with the size of copycat more than 20, the population of more than 5 thousand people, per capita 1 acres of paddy fields, mainly lived in the southwest of China's minority ethnic groups (a branch of the red Yao Yao family). Gold pit Yao ancestors migrated from Hunan in five, and along the river...

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3-- Longji terraced accommodation for help!!!

Answer: "Honey Moon", a quiet love story as quiet as a daisy a romantic honeymoon string like song embrace each other in front of the magnificent landscape we joined hands and sang the sincere love climax, how splendid honey: "for a point of love" and "love you the bed is covered with flowers" and "poem": "Guilin wedding travel...

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4-- Longsheng terrace play how to arrange?

Answer: personal opinion, play Longsheng has two terraces: one is the best time before irrigation after transplanting the terrace before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, this time mainly to see the water Melaleuca (especially when sunrise), another is before and after the Mid Autumn Festival terraced rice cooked, the Melaleuca kaneda. Of course, Melaleuca Ariel summer is also good, as thousands of snow when winter is the most beautiful in the snow...

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