CCTV shooting outdoor program from Sea Island (14)

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CCTV2 program table for 0-- yesterday

Answer: 01:06 01:59 swap space kitchen king 02:56 purchase fashion 03:52 weekend special for 04:15 04:42 05:15 Chinese youth expert in making money consumer advocate 06:10 07:00 said ChiaTai 09:01 for the first time over the weekend for 09:52 super parenting Division 2 10:51 kitchen king 11:50 Global Connection midday show 12:30 where you from...2015-01-02Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers12

1--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...

Answer: "0110" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (on) "0117" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (below)

2016-01-28Answer:   555.1 answers<1Two3>2 2--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...



Answer: Anonymous; users  1 answers<1Two3>2 3--cctv1 program table all yesterday

Answer: 07-16 00:15 01:30 at noon on Friday evening the first wonderful TV series: 13\/27 sword sword sword sword plot stills actor table 02:23 TV: 14\/27 03:09 TV: sword sword 15\/27 03:55 TV 16\/27 04:00 TV: sword sword 16\/27 04:41: man and nature: the exploration of nature exploration assembly No. 4 05: 05:11...


Answer: Du;   know JunOne answers1 4--cctv14 children's channel program table January 30th

Answer: CCTV-14 children's channel on January 30, 2015 (Friday) at noon Friday evening program 01-30 00:34 Sui Tang Heroes (79) drama stills actor table tells Yang You that Ruyi Li Shimin is the son of his hand side of the trump card, he will let Li Shimin vowed not to rebel Yang, said to the moon when the emperor Li Yuan, Ruyi analysis said Li Yuan's four sons,...


Answer:   days to reverse the course of events;One answers1 5--cctv2 program table

Answer: CCTV financial channel promos 12-04 noon Thursday evening 00:39 economic half-hour CCTV financial review 01:07 01:41 kitchen king 02:38 03:32 swap space weekend special for: Home frontier 04:12 consumer advocate 05:13 04:39 expert in making money began the era of ChiaTai 07:00 first time 09:0 06:10...


Answer: Anonymous; users  One answers1 6--cctv records of the 16 noon on the Asian island tour

Answer: to CCTV network TV


Answer:  , slince;.2 answers 7--cctv62015 February 25th program table

Answer: 00:01 customers 00:09 movie hypnotist China stills actor table 01:50 movie best suspects Chinese stills actor table 03:26 dubbed 04:54 second film Russian bride exchange type short season "headlines" venture capital works 05:15 the second film type film venture season works "breaking suspected war" 05:30 movie tight...


Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers 8-- last time in the CCTV2 channel to see the island to find a spiral in the shooting point where?

Answer: the shooting in Guangdong after the town in Nanaodao city of Shantou province after Jiangwan shipbuilding plant linefan sea cruise terminal, it is said that the Shantou sea is the best Chinese area, there are many small islands near the sea linefan marina, rich in marine resources, many fishing enthusiasts first place.


Answer:   know the net friend1 answers 9--cctv4 - 2015-4-1 program table

Answer: 00:11 00:41 01:00 Chinese China literary treasure files 01:10 news daily diet (Overseas Edition) 01:20 Lecture Room (Overseas Edition) 02:00 news 02:30 03:00 news 03:15 Chinese world China puket 04:00 05:00 05:30 China China news traveled Chinese world 06:00 China News 06:13 home...


Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers

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