CCTV shooting outdoor program from Sea Island (3)

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0--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...

Answer:2016-01-24Answer: Anonymous; users  1 answers<1Two3>2

1--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...

Answer: "0110" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (on) "0117" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (below)

2016-01-28Answer:   555.1 answers<1Two3>2 2--CCTV1 TV series "the liberation of Hainan Island", repeatedly mentioned one...

Answer: in China monsoon region, summer prevailing southerly winds blowing from the ocean in winter, from the Asian continent and the north wind. From the perspective of geography, Leizhou Peninsula and Hainan areas from the land before the spring equinox prevailing northerly winds (winter monsoon), with favorable Du Hayden island. But after the spring equinox, summer monsoon increase against the wind, not conducive to the amphibious landing from Zhanjiang to Hainan Island...


1 answers 3--cctv records of the 16 noon on the Asian island tour

Answer: to CCTV network TV


Answer:  , slince;.2 answers CCTV8 March 31st 4--2015 program table

Answer: 00:11 TV: Wangluo doctor 9 stills actor table 00:56 TV drama stills actor table 4\/30: patriotic and loyal to the throne Xiao Feng boss scolded him of the dead to the lingyange force, Xiao Zhifeng also regret, said will try their best to save the lingyange. Lu Yingnian when the lingyange face torture prisoners, then began questioning the lingyange, what is not said the lingyange, Lu Ying years people...


Answer:   cold cold winter.One answers1 5--cctv1 at 9 a.m. to 11:59 in the evening.

Answer: 09:08 daily diet 09:26 Drama: ares 35\/53 drama stills actor Xue and Tian Feng agreed to partition the marriage ring Xue with a large force to the mountain to escape, Ma Zheng with Feng Xiaolan and the devil is coming to a field hospital, see camp being a Japanese attack, his heroic stay in command of troops. A nine no match for the Japanese bombardment, fighter...


Answer:   laudy88One answers1 12cctv3 December 6--2014 program table

Answer: 00:33 01:02 economic half-hour CCTV financial review 01:37 is really 02:33 03:31 half hour economy purchase fashion consumer advocate 05:09 04:36 04:06 expert in making money thankfully, you come off to 06:18 07:00 for the first time stills actor table 09:00 transaction time from where (Morning Edition) 10:05 consumer advocate 10:40 money...


Answer:   big heroes1 answers 7--CCTV3 Friday's program

Answer: 05-28 at noon on Friday evening 00:16 TV: the ever-changing world 30\/50 world is the vicissitudes of life story actor table 01:07 Drama: the ever-changing world 31\/50 01:53 Drama: the ever-changing world 32\/50 02:38 Drama: the ever-changing world 33\/50 03:28 Tivoli theatre: the golden years. 15 story drama...


Answer:   know the net friend1 answers 8--cctv14 children's channel program table January 30th

Answer: CCTV-14 children's channel on January 30, 2015 (Friday) at noon Friday evening program 01-30 00:34 Sui Tang Heroes (79) drama stills actor table tells Yang You that Ruyi Li Shimin is the son of his hand side of the trump card, he will let Li Shimin vowed not to rebel Yang, said to the moon when the emperor Li Yuan, Ruyi analysis said Li Yuan's four sons,...


Answer:   days to reverse the course of events;One answers1 9--cctv92015.2.4 program table

Answer: 00:00 world view: man-made wonders list 2 natural 01:00: Earthview 2 Vientiane 02:00 stills cast: ape planet 1 03:00 era: West Road 2 03:30 truth: Tiger legend 2: 04:00 found the cave Palace 2 04:30 human geography: a road to the South 13 05:00 special presentation: lessons from history asked Lim 2 the concept of "official" drama stills...


Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers

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