CCTV shooting outdoor program from Sea Island (1)

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0--cctv 1 kinds of programs and host

Answer: aciu Dong Shu Li Xiaodong presided over the editing team Peng Kun Zhao Pusa Benin Wang Xuechun Huang Tingting Gao Bo Wang Yinqi, editor of 4 broadcast flagship program in the world heard News 30'news broadcast interviews evening news Legal Report Sa Beining first time population animal world record animation Park charm person and natural diet every day as early as reference...2014-12-20Answer:   yejiandj1 answers

1--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...

Answer:2016-01-24Answer: Anonymous; users  1 answers<1Two3>2

2--cctv1 program table all yesterday

Answer: 07-16 00:15 01:30 at noon on Friday evening the first wonderful TV series: 13\/27 sword sword sword sword plot stills actor table 02:23 TV: 14\/27 03:09 TV: sword sword 15\/27 03:55 TV 16\/27 04:00 TV: sword sword 16\/27 04:41: man and nature: the exploration of nature exploration assembly No. 4 05: 05:11...

2016-03-05Answer: Du;   know JunOne answers1

3--CCTV1 list of tonight's programs

Answer: CCTV 09-09 Tuesday Monday Tuesday Wednesday channel Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 00:45 TV: Jiangkou Reservoir 40\/40 01:35 01:57 02:19 the Chinese population daily diet 02:34 waiting for me 03:24 wonderful moment 03:31 strong -3 04:31 Chinese young Legal Report 04:59 news network 05:29 man and nature 06...

2014-09-09Answer: Anonymous; users  2 answers1 4--CCTV1 today's program

Answer: 03-14 00:15 00:45 at noon on Sunday evening to witness Saturday night viewing navigation Edition (19) 00:52 news broadcast Saturday night viewing 01:27 navigation Edition (20) 01:31 News survey: 02:16 TV 8\/30 03:02 TV drama in the smoke and mirrors: 9\/30 03:48 TV: watching TV: 04:00 10\/30 in the fog...


Answer:   blood love TgNh31 answersNine 5--cctv4 - 2015-4-1 program table

Answer: 00:11 00:41 01:00 Chinese China literary treasure files 01:10 news daily diet (Overseas Edition) 01:20 Lecture Room (Overseas Edition) 02:00 news 02:30 03:00 news 03:15 Chinese world China puket 04:00 05:00 05:30 China China news traveled Chinese world 06:00 China News 06:13 home...


Answer:   cold cold winter.1 answers 6--cctv10 broadcast of the three Chinese people (two men and a woman) in the survival of the island...

Answer: "0110" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (on) "0117" CCTV-10 "So that is what it is. trapped island" (below)


Answer:   555.1 answers<1Two3>2 What is the name of the 7-- central station hit in a wilderness survival program.

Answer: Title: outdoor VCD "wild life" a total of 16 sets of brief introduction: "the survival of the wild" is a series of adventure activities derived from the the Alps area from the end of eighteenth Century. The teaching by professional photography outdoor club the most powerful team and Chinese and top outdoor master alongside all real shooting. "Survival in the wild" involves sweeping the globe...


Answer:   remember that in the past4 answers<1Two3>2 8--cctv-1 "waiting for me" column communication addressAnswer: Contact: official website address: http:\/\/www.dengzhewo.net hotline: 400-650-1836 (Monday to Friday, Tuesday 22:30 10:30 - 18:00 - 23:30): Sina micro-blog CCTV http:\/\/weibo.com\/cctvdengzhewo Baidu Post Bar: wait for me wait for me http:\/\/tieba.baidu.com\/f kw=%B5%C8%D7%C5%?...


Answer:   time passes.

5 answersSeventy-four 9--CCTV13 tomorrow's program (2016.1.20)Answer: tomorrow is January 21st.. 01-21 00:00 01:00 at noon on Thursday evening midnight news live news 01:30 news 1+1 (replay) 02:00 news broadcast live news 03:00 02:30 global vision 03:30 focus (replay) 03:45 Eastern time (replay) 04:00 news broadcast news (replay) 05:00 1+1 04:30...


Answer:   Selena's Phantom

1 answers<1Two3>2

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