But the eagle fly across mountain - climbing queershan photos

[queershan Shaluli mountains in the northern Tibetan Plateau southeast at dege County in Sichuan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Ganzi Province, the Tibetan language is called "velvet Maiezha", meaning "eagle fly but peaks". The main peak of 6168 meters, is located at 99.1 degrees east longitude, latitude 31.8 degrees north, is located in the southern section of sparrow. The mountain tall, the type of complex, glacier development complete, North and south slope of mountain valley lies two large glaciers, glacier tongue third straight to an altitude of 4500 meters, the cracks in the ice clouds, difficult climb. In September 1988 24, 25, 10 people from China University of Geosciences and Kobe University in Japan United team in two batches of the first summit. ]

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