The top of the earth: Mount Qomolangma [Photos]

Tenzing Norgay
Edmund Hilary, New Zealand, the world's first place on Mount Everest
China's first Mount Everest success (right) Wang Fuzhou, Gob (Tibetan) and Qu Yinhua


Located in the border, and two 8848.13 meters altitude Chinese in Nepal's Mount Qomolangma is Himalaya Range peak is the highest peak in the world. Everest in Tibetan myth is considered to be the five fairy goddess in third. She is the mountains of the statue, the top of the earth.

On May 29, 1953 at 11:30 in the morning, New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hilary (Edmund Hillary) and Nepal Sherpa (Tenzing Norgay) Tenzing Norgay, overcome numerous difficulties and dangers, from the southern slope of Mount Everest to the top, the completion of the human dream on the top of the earth.

Modern mountaineering originated in Europe in eighteenth Century. In August 8, 1786, Geneva doctor Pacar Barma and his fellows, to overcome the difficulties, for the first time on the the Alps -- the peak of Mont Blanc, became the first person to eat crab ", then opened a prelude to modern mountaineering. From 1786 to 1986 200 years, humans have climbed the world's more than 8000 meters above the 14 peaks, the highest peak in the world's seven continents. Mountaineering, as one of the modern sports, is more and more popular.

With the rapid development of modern mountain climbing, in addition to its own unique charm, but also with the development process of human history is closely related. It and the human sea exploration, the air exploration, the desert exploration, the polar exploration and so on together constitute the human exploration movement. Alpine adventure sports, not only in difficult and dangerous conditions, to overcome the extreme cold, high-altitude hurricane, hypoxia and Bingbeng avalanche, the danger to human physical strength, stamina and perseverance will, is a severe test, but also plays an important role in promoting and improving the scientific research, geography, earth meteorological theory, glaciology, alpine plants, animal science etc..

The development of human society has led to the development of modern mountaineering, including the exploration of the sport, and the human adventure sports and promote the civilization and progress of human society. Modern mountaineering has always been valued by different countries and regions. It shows a nation Buweijianxian, brave to the spiritual realm, is an important means to stimulate the national spirit and national sense of honor.

Mount Qomolangma is 8848 meters above sea level, the highest point in the vast Himalaya towering mountains, perennial snow covered. The peak shape of the Pyramid in its body, one hundred kilometers outside the visible, give a person with solemn and sacred feeling. Mount Qomolangma to the top of the earth in the world, become the world's countries (regions) climber in the eyes of the temple ", is a mountain climber's lifelong wish. In 1921, the British explorers have a team, invested heavily, climb the highest mountain in the world. Moreover, the explorers pay more attention to the difficulty of the China side from the northern slope of Mount Everest, has organized a total of 8 times, but were not successful. Among them, in 1924, the famous British mountaineer Mallory, with advanced mountaineering tools and rich experience, strong climbing to the northern slope of Mount Everest at an altitude of 8680 meters, namely "second steps", Mallory and his teammates misfortune mountain, work not completed.

For the first time since the 1953 summit of Mount Everest from the southern slope of Hilary and Tenzing, from the north slope of the summit of Mount Everest has been a new China climber dream. Chinese mountaineering team began building in 1955, Shi Zhanchun as the first captain. In 1960, despite the economic difficulties, but Chinese climbers climb Mount Qomolangma program by the CPC Central Committee and State Council support, China team overcome unimaginable difficulties, out of one and a xianguan, young players Wang Fuzhou, Qu Yinhua, Gong cloth 3 on May 25th at 4:20 in the morning the first successful ascent, completed people from the northern slope of Mount Qomolangma on the long cherished wish,

Chinese mountaineering team successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest, and in the modern mountaineering history has created a miracle: in 1975 second from the northern slope of Mount Qomolangma, Tibetan players Pan Duo became the first female ascent from the north slope of Mount Everest; in 1988 China with Japan, Nepal, the United team, for the first time in Mount Everest north and south slope and double cross from 1988 to 1999; Lee, Wang Yongfeng, mountaineer Zhixin two young people with 11 years to complete the world to climb the seven summits; in May 21, 2003, 22, China team two players successful ascent of Mount Everest; from the beginning of 1993, China Tibet mountaineering team embarked on a climb of 14 seat 8000 meters above the peak the journey, as of May 2003, they have climbed 12 peaks of them, and strive to achieve the goal in the next two or three years.

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