In Hubei, there is a hidden in the high mountains and lofty hills in the land of idyllic beauty

EnshiTujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, located inHubeiThe southwestern province, hidden in the high mountains and lofty hills, with the odd hole in different points of picturesque scenery and the lustrous and dazzling scenery, is a rare worldTaoyuan.

EnshiRearing of Tujia and Miao, Dong Han and other 27 ethnic groups, simple folk customs, she was the youngest of the China Autonomous Prefecture, has jurisdiction overEnshi,LichuanTwo cities andJianshi,Badong,Xuanen,Xianfeng,Laifeng,HefengSix counties.

Tujia Diaojiaolou, Dong XiangFengyuqiaoIn July, the daughter will make it more colorful; beautiful landscapes, endless garden scenery, magnificent male broad and make it a bit more precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs exuberant yingzi.

When you set foot on this land, you may indulge in the beautiful scenery of the canyon, with here.FangshanWater, or fascinated by the ancient and mysterious Tusi culture.

EnshiFirst, as the name, nature gives her a pair of face, hidden in the high mountains and lofty hills she is waiting for people to come off her veil.

EnshiThe best travel time is 4-7 months and 10-11 months, 4-7 months of spring and summer, the mountain valleys, all kinds of flowers bloom, see the azaleas, see rape flowers, clouds; 10-11 months of autumn, maple, cedar riotous with colour visual feast.

EnshiState rain, fog, rain heat over the same period, so in this place will travel often because of a few days of bad weather and the impact of the tour, so travelEnshiTravel is best to avoid the rainy season, butEnshiIf there is no rain mountain does not look good, the best weather is to see the sea of clouds and waterfalls After rain the sky looks blue., misty beauty.

EnshiA strange hole in different points of picturesque scenery and the lustrous and dazzling scenery, focus onEnshi,Lichuan,XianfengThree places, in additionBadong,HefengThere are some distribution.

EnshiGrand Canyon

EnshiGrand CanyonLocated in the Yangtze RiverThree GorgesNear the southwest of HubeiEnshiTujia and Miao Autonomous PrefectureEnshiThe territory of Tunpu village and town board, QingjiangGrand CanyonA section of. Full length 108km, with a total area of more than and 300 square kilometers. In the canyon cliffs, hundreds of thousands of feet of the waterfall, proud Xiao Dufeng,Virgin forestThe ancient village and other attractions, beautiful.

EnshiToast City

The wall of the Great Wall and toast,The Great Wall in South ChinaThe mystery of the Tujia in accordance with the insurance, according to insurance self-reliance. The wall at the foot of the nine into the hall, decorated with ancient furnishings Tusi yamen all the activities and all kinds of rooms of the Tujia nationality, weddings and funerals of basic necessities of life, is the epitome of Tujia social culture and material culture.

EnshiOur city is the soil of the Tujia culture exhibition area, Tujia Customs Museum, is currently the largest and unique style, magnificent landscape, leisure and tourism as the main function, the first city of Tujia Tujia, Miao and Dong in architectural art in one "".


TengCavedistanceLichuancityArea 6km, convenient transportation.TengCaveSet mountains, water, hole, forest in one, with male, dangerous, strange, quiet, beautiful and famous in the world. At the entrance of the entrance high 74m, wide 64M, but also not into the hole you will be shocked by her great. The highest point of 235m, the total length of the cave 52.8km preliminarily, which 16.8km tunnel underground cave, an area of about 2000000 square meters. There is a hole in the 5 peaks, 10 hall, underground falls more than 10, there is a hole in the mountain, there are holes in the mountains, dry hole tunnel connects the year-round constant temperature of 14-18 DEG C, air flow.


Pingbaying inXianfengCounty to the southwest of 40km Jia Ma Chi Town, close to the junction of Hubei and chongqing. With ancient, strange, show, you, wild and other scenery constitute a rich source of the original characteristics of the original. The territory of high mountains and lofty hills undulating; vast forests, lush vegetation, and The grass is green and luxuriant. deep valleys and caves; strange; gurgling spring, fast stream, a waterfall, the formation of the natural landscape attractions.

Yuanping deer

BanqiaoYuanping deerIs an area that has not been developed and isolated. Surrounded by steep cliffs around, so to reach theYuanping deerNeed one thousand stone steps. Outdoor hiking enthusiasts can not miss one of the tourist spots. Here a worthwhile trip.

Yumu village

Yumu village, Tujia cottage, located at the junction of Hubei and Chongqing, the EastLichuancity61 kilometers, surrounded by cliffs,Yumu villageCovers an area of 6 square kilometers, inhabited by more than and 500 Tujia people. Here is the Tujia castle, great wall, tombs, and plank houses, is the most intact to preserve the Tujia copycat, scenic spotInner cityFort wall, the ancient plank road is well preserved, dozens of stone carving exquisite tomb, Guan AI \/ thrilling, production and life of the villagers appliances ancient traditional folk customs, have a distinctive flavour, known as " outside;Taoyuan" reputation.

EnshiGrand Canyon,EnshiQingjiang city toast,TengCaveDragon boat, water,Yumu village, Tang cliff city, big water wells, homes, homesLake MyvatnWaving hall, shuttle step WuStone ForestEtc.. In addition, Tujia Diaojiaolou, Dong XiangFengyuqiaoIn July, the daughter will work, when weeding gongs funeral dance Saerhe auspicious lotus, when the wave of dance show bright and colorful.EnshiAmorous feelings.

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Enshi HOT

Scenic spot Hotel Restaurant Shopping entertainment

Enshi Grand Canyon is located in the Yangtze River near the Three Gorges Tunpu Township and town board in Southwest Hubei Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Enshi city in Qingjiang, is a section of the grand canyon. Full length 108km, with a total area of more than and 300 square kilometers. In the canyon cliffs, hundreds of thousands of feet of the waterfall, Dufeng, proud squealing forests, ancient villages, beautiful scenic spots. Visit the Grand Canyon and the beginning of the section of the road is the most difficult, long and steep stone steps, one alpenstock can save a lot of energy for you. The entire canyon cliff road is the most essential part, full-length 488m, 118 steps, at an altitude of 1700m, net height 300m cliff of the mountain waist, walk "startling step by step, step by step is the king.

NO.1Enshi Grand Canyon

Shennong peak scenic area in the nature reserve in southwest Shennongjia, it was found that many traces of savage. In the beautiful scenic sub Alpine scenery, six elevation above 3000 meters in the mountains, known as the "roof of central China", but also within the territory of the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River watershed. The whole area is a huge forest oxygen bar, lush, gurgling streams, there is the opportunity to see the rare animal golden monkey. In the area of the main landscape of first peak Shennong top, golden monkey ridge monkey activity area of original forest, scenic forest, Wu Shilin, wall rock monkey stone, Prince Wu, watchtower reserve etc.. The unique geographical position of tourist areas and diverse climate types, this created a mysterious legend of lush forests of the world beautiful and strange, make it become the most attractive China, the most representative of the natural landscape area, by the relevant experts called "irreplaceable world-class monopoly tourism resources" that is an ideal ecological tourism resort.

NO.2Shennong peak Scenic Area

Big nine lakes, also known as the nine Lake Ping, nine lake surrounded by mountains, the highest peak of 2800 meters, forming a natural barrier. Big nine lakes connected by 9 lakes, is the world's rare in the mid latitude alpine wetlands, Hulun Buir, Hubei, said the high mountain plain. Nine lake is wood base and natural pastures, various economic trees all over the mountain, in addition to the golden monkey, Southern China tiger and other rare animal, also built artificial deer farm. The nine big lake natural scenery and pleasant, the region as well as the empress grave, the resurrection of sets of sites and monuments. This maintains the original ancient folk customs, people live and work in peace, harmony, human and nature, the "wind and low grass and sheep" the beautiful landscape.

NO.3Big nine Lake Scenic Spot

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