[Tengchong] Ginkgo biloba the best time to see what time Tengchong ginkgo, Tengchong ginkgo village the best time

Ginkgo village isYunnanprovinceTengchongOne of the original county village, the village for the distribution of the more than 2 thousand acres of contiguous areas of the ancient ginkgo tree known as the ancient ginkgo village. Every year in the autumn and winter, tens of thousands of ginkgo tree leaves a little yellow, will dress up as a fairy tale world. thatTengchongWhen is the ginkgo yellow?TengchongWhen is the best time to see the ginkgo? The mafengwo Xiaobian and sayTengchongGinkgo village the best time.

TengchongWhen is the ginkgo yellow?
Ginkgo VillageEast Village, membershipTengchongcountyGu Dong TownDistance.Tengchong40 km county. Each year in late OctoberTengchongThe ginkgo leaves began to turn yellow.

TengchongThe best time to see ginkgo: in late October -12 mid month can enjoy ginkgo, but in mid November -12 month early for the best viewing period, it is easy to shoot a large. A large number of ginkgo tree growth in farmer home Fangqianwuhou lush, soft and sentimental, far looked like village in the tree, the forest in the forest, embraced the landscape have a unique style.

TengchongGinkgo village tour Raiders: the village is divided into four regions, along road three from the entrance to the village of Ginkgo square Chen Jia Zhai is a visitor and Ginkgo in the most intensive areas, other areas of relatively quiet. There are a lot of farm music, every farmLeduCan go in to visit, even if only to take pictures, the host is also used to.

It is worth mentioning that,TengchongGinkgo village, the best time is only half a month, every period of accommodation in short supply, so it is time to book in advance. If you are worried about missing the flowering period, you can also call the local inn in advance to learn about the latest situation.

[Tengchong] Ginkgo biloba the best time to see what time Tengchong ginkgo, Tengchong ginkgo village the best time
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Tengchong hot sea area of about 9 square kilometers, there are more than 80 hot air fountain, water temperature, the 10 hot springs up to 90 DEG C, the heat here will be shrouded in a fog, can be seen everywhere in the hot springs spewing out. The heat in the sea is the most typical big roll, in addition to the spectacle spring, beauty pool, each spring has its own name and story. Here, you can see the Yunnan eighteen strange eggs in a series of selling". In addition, the sea also built a number of hot springs, bathroom and so on, can take a bath here, soak hot springs, but also a good experience.

NO.1Tengchong hot sea

CIS is the birthplace of Yunnan's first international trade, is the Southwest Silk Road on a seat by the Central Plains culture influence century village, southwest of the ancient Silk Road from here to the end, connecting the West and South asia. Heshun ancient Mingyang lukewarm, because there was a river around the village, renamed the "River", after taking "people and people". And people from generation to generation, do walk a firm, left many legends, now also left Ai Siqi's former residence, "ancestral hall, bending sub floor, Heshun library and other historic buildings.


According to research, Tengchong county was built in 900 thousand years ago after the eruption of the cooling lava. Tengchong Volcano Park, the existing 97 volcanoes and the number of lava mesa, is one of the four major volcanoes. Volcanic cone in the park, lava hole, lava rock, volcanic lake, waterfall waterfall, column joints of large scale, concentrated, complete preservation. Another big mountain, small mountain, black mountain, columnar joints, cuttlefish River and other attractions.

NO.3Tengchong volcanic geothermal National Geological Park

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What time is the best in Tengchong this year # ginkgo Ornamental Period

Answer: ginkgo village is a traditional village, there are in the history of the village around the tree and the house next to the traditional species of ginkgo trees, so a larger number of trees, there are a lot of more than one hundred years of Ginkgo trees. Ginkgo trees and traditional villages with a simple, natural landscape features. Ginkgo biloba base is a set of biological development and tourism for the purpose of the new development of the attractions, the ginkgo tree is relatively small,...

2015-12-04Answer: UFO12315123151 answers

Tengchong Yunnan ginkgo village what time to the most appropriate, hope to have a friend to...

Answer: in mid November today just to see the ginkgo leaf is not yellow, and so on a piece of golden beautiful Oh

2012-11-03Answer: shapechen4 answersNine

Tengchong is said to be very beautiful ginkgo village, when it is more appropriate? Need...

A: in mid October, Ginkgo biloba leaves began to slowly become yellow, but the best season is from late November to mid December, I will go to one or two times a year, the latest time is to go in December 12th, the leaves have not lost light, very beautiful. All asphalt road, local people are simple, do not open tickets, do not need to pay attention to what the problem.

2014-07-29Answer: tcx1993 answers<1Two3>2

In the middle of November Tengchong ginkgo leaves yellow?

What is the plan in November 14th to Tengchong, do not know the ginkgo village yellow leaves, can see the leaves the floor...

Answer: Tengchong has a tropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of 14.9 degrees, the highest temperature of 30.5 degrees, the extreme minimum temperature -4.2 degrees, the winter cold, summer without heat, suitable for year-round tourism. The best travel time is from 3 to November and from 8 to May. Spring, spring, autumn, beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. Ginkgo biloba best viewing period: -12 months in late October...

2016-10-19Answer: the joy of the world1 answers

In mid September to the ginkgo village in Tengchong Ginkgo biloba it

Answer: should not, the best in November or December each year, the climate is different, basically in the late autumn season will be the most beautiful time, ahead of time to see the weather forecast before the trip.

2016-09-09Answer: chain people Pavilion1 answers

Tengchong ginkgo village when the most beautiful scenery

Answer: Tengchong ginkgo village four seasons scenery is very beautiful, the most famous is autumn, in mid October to early November, a golden, the most beautiful scenery

2016-09-14Answer: small Ouni1 answers

This year Tengchong ginkgo leaves when the yellow? About a few to a few...

Answer: at least until October will be yellow, to the most beautiful words, usually in late 11 months.

2012-07-18Answer: Cactus 11302 answersFive

Tengchong ginkgo village in November 15th to the leaves yellow it? I like photography...

Answer: in late December November, the more yellow, and these days is half yellow and green.

2014-11-13Answer: a rogue country2 answers1Hello, how to reach Tengchong to the village of Ginkgo (car)? Probably cost...

Answer: you can take the rural passenger cars in the past, but did not directly reach the village of Ginkgo car, can only take the car. Take a ride on the Dongying Island side, there are many agricultural transport vehicles pass. The price is about 15 yuan a person. Need about 1 hours of time. Another way is chartered to around 200 in the van. Return。 Hope these will help you...


Answer: Cactus 11303 answersSixGinkgo village when the leaves yellow 2015

Answer: ginkgo trees are generally in late October to November leaves, the period is also the leaves turn yellow. [


Answer: perhaps I do not deserve 52 answers

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