In the outdoor tent to camp

Toward the outdoors, to the nature, to cultivate sentiment, is conducive to the adjustment of body and mind into a more challenging work. Pack pack to the outdoor set up camp, live a meaningful a night, will make you unforgettable. Bring up the camp, will think of our "mobile home" ---- the tent...

Choose tents

At present, many types of tents on the market, the price is also a lot of difference. According to the use of local altitude is different, can be divided into two kinds of Alpine tents and low mountain tents; according to the use of different seasons, and can be divided into spring, summer, autumn three season tent and four seasons tent two. Alpine tents are generally full rainfly, rain, wind and thermal features strong, breathable function than the low mountain tent half outside account of. So the high mountain account in the summer when the use of low mountain account. However, due to the special design, so that the high mountain account is very low, can resist strong storm rain, and low mountain account of the internal space is relatively high, some wide.

Because the materials used are different, so there is a big difference in the price of the tent. Mountain tents generally use the Aluminum Alloy tent pole, the support pole of this material not only has good toughness, strong cold resistance is not easy to fracture, deformation, and relatively lightweight. The low mountain account is cheap, because the use of plastic fiber as the tent pole, the material toughness slightly lower and heavier. As for the price of the raincoat account is different.

Select camp

Use the tent to choose the proper camp. General notes are:

1, not from the mountain camping too close to the place, to prevent rainy rockfall, flood.

2, not too close from the river, to avoid the high tide rushed tents.

3, don't rain under the tree to prevent lightning.

To the ground and gravel and sharp thorns, clean up the 4 camp, so as not to pierce the tent or sleep is not comfortable.

5, don't encamp on the slope, tent door should face the leeward side.

When you use a tent in the rainy days, sunny days should be dry in the tent, in order to avoid mildew.

In short, the selection of tents according to their actual situation, in order not to affect your camping.

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In the outdoor tent to camp

Answer: toward the outdoors, to the nature, to cultivate character, is conducive to the adjustment of physical and psychological into a more challenging job. Pack pack to the outdoor set up camp, live a meaningful a night, will make you unforgettable. Bring up the camp, will think of our "mobile home" ---- the tent... Choose tents at present, the market is very different types of tents...

2013-11-01Answer: monkey hole 91 answers

What are the methods and skills to build a tent in the wild?

Answer: first decided to set up a tent site, in accordance with the order, by 4 people work together, do not need to spend much time, you can simply set up. In order to consider the situation of the withdrawal of the tent, the initial collocation of the record, it will be more convenient. Tents have a variety of different types, at the same time, there are different ways of production, design and combination. Small tent, A type tent, wall...

2012-07-23Answer: do not hunt 113 slingshotThree answers3

How to set up an outdoor camping tent

Q: is the best outdoor camping tents used toread this brand of friends to help answer

Answer: 1 should be pitched on a hard, flat on the ground, don't encamp in the river and dry bed. The entrance of the tent 2 to leeward, away from the tent to rock slopes. 3 in order to avoid the tent when it rains flooded, should dig a ditch under the roof edge. 4 tent four corners with large stone pressure to wish 5 tents should keep the air circulation, in the tent to do...

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When camping, I found that the tent pole forgot how to set up a tent?

Answer: can be used to take the A tower, such as the use of mountain climbing staff to do two points and then put the external account directly put up to pull the wind rope can be a need for some tips to practice at home

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Outdoor tent to pay attention to what to do with those things

A: the most important is to choose safe, camped away from the cliff, dry terrain scarp, trees, open flat, convenient drainage, can prevent rockfall, debris flow, heavy rains and wild animals, snakes and rats infestation. The tent around to dig drainage water tank, according to the direction of the wind to choose the direction of the opening of the tent, put a good tent after the placement of good nails, hanging wind rope.

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How to choose a tent?

Answer: 1, buy outdoor tent to be based on their own use 2, different tent design has a different degree of support, to consider their use, especially when the snow is more important. 3, general two people account is the most commonly used tents, because it is easy to carry, easy to find the camp, but also three or a single person can also wish 4, the color of the tent is best to choose warm colors such as yellow, orange or red...

2016-07-13Answer: know users2 answers

I am an outdoor rookie, would like to ask how to set up the issue of outdoor tents.

Answer: different tents in different ways, a single pole, double pole and so on, but the main difference lies in the way between different tent support pole, the rest is basically the same, so the build process is basically the same, the first step: the first foreign account account is removed from the tent bag to nail (except the master, because the master general tents are dismantled in a backpack, not...

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Teach you to camp tent

Answer: the choice of camping camping camp and its construction points are related to all personnel problems to rest, must pay attention to the following matters: "water: rest camp must choose near the water source, such as the choice of near streams, lake lake, river. But it cannot be camp on the beach or stream, once under heavy rain or the upstream reservoir water, floods and so on, there is danger. ...

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What do you need to pay attention to?

Q: have the experience, the best season in the field? What conditions are suitable for camping in the wild? ...

A: before you start, you must imagine the situation in the wild, in order to prepare the appropriate skills and equipment. How to equip themselves to a large extent determine the success or failure of the camp. The following items are indispensable. It should remind participants of the first camp is not a good goal and exciting action plan will become...

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Who knows the installation method of the outdoor camping tent?

Q: just bought a new "outdoor camping tent", who knows which is not included in the manual, the results of a half...

Answer: open the tent and packaging, and remove the account outside the account and then there are rods and accessories, the tent is still account for to see if it is perforation perforation type along the diagonal from the cloth ring through, then a fixed head, a head up a good take, according to buttoned finally is fixed with screws to the tent is fixed on the flat ground. Hanging button, the curtain rod two...

2013-06-21Answer: know users4 answersFive

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