Light foot: the need to streamline the equipment

Hiking trip plans more than 1 days, it should be for the journey to prepare some streamlined equipment. Hiking, foot is the most industrious and hard, so we should treat, prepare a few pairs of thick dry socks, and a good pair of shoes, is the most important thing.

To the field to walk, do not wear new shoes. Because the foot and the new shoes have not yet run in, wearing new shoes is easy to make the foot fatigue, injury. Walking in the hills, all would be met, so the mountain walk should choose strong shoes; soles thick, large and deep pattern at the bottom, can play a good anti slip effect; the sole is made of hard rubber, can effectively protect the feet on the gravel road and on uneven to upper; high and hard, can play the role of ankle support. Usually a pair of lightweight hiking shoes can meet the above requirements. Not to tie too loose or too tight, it will make your feet premature fatigue, and easy to be injured. The lace is too long to cut off, so as to avoid tripping over or hanging from the foreign body. To use a flat ribbon lace, do not use a round rope like lace, because the rope is not easy to tie the string tight, Yi Song open. It was found that the lace of the shoe was loose, and it should be tied immediately, so as not to be dangerous. After that, is ready to make a few simple and comfortable on the foot of the equipment.

Consume a lot of energy and sweat a lot, ready to add water it must not be ignored. The 3 litre bag a try, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, can withstand 100 degrees of boiling water. It is convenient to use, SIP switch can be drinking, one hand can be completed, go hot, also can be used to take a bath.

If you're hungry, and do not want to eat food, so the burner pot MSR comes in handy. Cook a bowl of instant noodles for a change has been eating dry food stomach, very convenient. If the wind is very large, may wish to bring a windshield, because it is made of aluminum so there is no heavy weight.

If you are a loyal traveler, and the nature of the sleep is definitely a trip, the tent for you in between heaven and earth to support a small space. Decathlon this new stent elastic material can be directly hung on the twisted folding backpack, with only a few seconds to open time.

  Dry towel:Dry towel PackTowl soft, absorbent strong, water will soon dry, do not have to worry about in the bag will appear that musty.

  Satellite positioning system:Although it is not possible to encounter danger or get lost, but it is better to do just in case. Once the above, GPS will give you direction, you can send a distress signal, the most important is that it will be around the clock, not like a mobile phone or a radio and sometimes there is no signal.

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What are the needs of hiking equipment?

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A: no equipment can be a gather together, hiking is the best travel together, in order to ensure safety, there are a lot of outdoor travel knowledge you need to have, I have here a very detailed...

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What is the difference between outdoor travel light and heavy travel travel need to reload?...

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Who help me to streamline the outdoor hiking equipment?

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Answer: to tell you the truth, you take a fairly small, huh, huh, huh

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How many practical equipment general tour pal

Answer: 1. Enough money (with a budget of 150% - 130% for the best) two. Equipment: 1 packs, a backpack (with a waterproof cover), a pocket. The backpack is used to place the spare clothing and other items. Pockets of valuables and common items. The purse is placed in front of the body. Wallet two (a enough money to spend one day, in front of people at any time to take; the other on the other wallet...

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What equipment is needed for hiking? Should pay attention to what matters?

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Answer: hiking note 1, ready to travel when a pair of shoes, the general travel basically is to rely on their own feet to walk, the best choice of shoes, cloth shoes and travel shoes, shoes. 2, to do the warm work, and the weather changes, if the temperature difference is mountainous, more to bring warm clothing, rain gear ready. 3, good essential drugs. 4...

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Ready to carry out a person's outdoor long walk, all need equipment?

Q: now in the planning line. But I don't know what I need to bring. Or what equipment is used. How big...

Answer: clothes, flashlight, knife, jackets, toiletries: I suggest you take a pen and a book, think of what, at any time to write it down, and then prepare for these things. You think about the difficulties that may be encountered on the road, and you need something to help you.

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The equipment of hiking trip these probably have a good weight?

Answer: first look at the time you walk, followed by watching you live in the wild or live in the hotel, and once again to see you go to the local climate environment. Walking a long time naturally with more things, if you live in tents naturally need a lot of relevant things. The climate is the more high altitude is the more cold place, the need for more material. About 50-30 kg or so, travel is generally said to rise...

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I am a novice, want to know about the equipment list, such as hiking, etc.

Answer: there is no need for a new impulse to buy a lot of equipment, recommended the purchase of equipment: (1) a backpack; (2) a pair of comfortable shoes, mountaineering shoes are the best; (3) two alpenstock; (4) a pair of knee; (5) other debris including magic scarves, gloves, hats, glasses. The next stage need to buy advanced include: (1) emergency underwear, speed...

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A: the new donkey walking equipment knowledge as a hiking enthusiast, has a set of the most appropriate equipment in the process of outdoor activities will play a very critical role. One of the most important equipment on the foot of the backpack: the size of the backpack to see travel routes and distance, generally around the city to travel around 30 liters can be. If the Shanghai to make a long trip, then, MM...

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Go hiking novice tour pal what need to be prepared

Q: go hiking novice tour pal what need to be prepared. In particular, the survival of small objects within the

Answer: equipment selection: in general, tour pal equipment needs can be divided into two aspects, one is the basic equipment, such as clothing, backpacks, cushions, shoes, tents, sleeping bags, water bottle, map, compass, lighting, sun glasses, knives, door \/ drug etc.. Two is the professional sports need different strong equipment, such as the expedition's satellite locator GPS, bicycle shoes,...

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