Several leg pain relief methods

Blister treatment
Blisters are cortical small problems, but the pain as much as muscle soreness. With a needle puncture blisters, blisters with a clean cotton dry water, then wrap (or impermeable tape) separated from the wound, with ice blisters (back at the light red swelling effect to keep the wound dry mouth), cool, and finally with sulfanilamide crystal "(pharmacy sale) is sprinkled on the wound with" band aid ".

Two. A slight ankle tendon tight pain or slight sprain
Be handled with care, or you will find that your foot will be in advance of the pain or more easily when you walk on foot.
After hiking available "active oil" by rubbing the ankle to the cortex is small red, then the ankle tightly wrapped with a bandage layer (a sense of compression on the line), wrapped after similar feet wrist, flat feet, preferably at the wrist pad high ankle 5-10 cm, 30-45 minutes to light turn the ankle (this should suddenly under pressure or on foot, otherwise prone to swelling of the wrist).

Three. Leg pain
A lot of people on foot after the active oil after pressure to wipe the body relax and sleep, woke up and found the leg pain has not changed much. In fact, the leg in the long time walking after a backlog of lactic acid in the muscles (a muscle after exercise material, will let us feel the nerve muscle soreness) suddenly just relax relieve muscle tension and no change of lactic acid.
We can use the water heater (temperature at 37-40 degrees) in the home to massage the legs.
Make the first "one" in the massage (in order to make a slight thigh muscle tension to increase the effect of water from the knee to the body) the direction of injection, a slight fever in the skin can change the leg.
For calf muscles, you can first lift your leg, for example, on a hand wash basin similar to an object (also in order to increase muscle strain) using the water temperature \ water for massage.
Then wipe the leg with active oil pressure by 10 minutes (legs)
Finally lying on the bed to raise both legs in the wall 3-5 minutes, or lying on the bed directly raised his legs 1-3 minutes.

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Answer: can massage the agent with the Thailand oratorio, Thailand special fighter, before the game, sports special warm-up oil, can quickly relieve muscle soreness, bones of rheumatism, sprains, bruises are particularly good effect

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Answer: 1, hot towel apply. Use a hot towel to wrap the leg pain section, you can effectively ease the pain of the leg. If a wide range of pain, you can also consider taking a hot bath to promote blood circulation. 2, beat massage pain site. Can beat massage legs, so as to promote the muscles in the discharge of lactic acid, so that very soon the leg is not painful. 3, severe pain to the...


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