Be alert to the threat of improper outdoor sports

With the success of Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games, as well as the rapid development of China's economy, a sports boom is set off in the land of china. Increasing the Spring Festival, 51, eleven and other holiday and the income of the people, climbing, climbing, skiing, mountain climbing, parasailing, bicycle travel, dynamic self driving tour of a large number of new sports fitness project has become the people's favorite fitness China.

However, experts suggest that, whether traditional fitness programs or choose a new fitness program, the most noteworthy point is that sports fitness, especially to pay attention to the prevention of injury, safety is the first element of sports fitness.

All sports and fitness programs have both advantages and disadvantages. If you can't make a reasonable arrangement in the movement can not be selected according to the specific circumstances of the coping style, so in some sports, the damage may be fatal, and fitness bestwill intention to draw further apart.

Entered after 2005 January, a group of climbers in Beijing using the new year's holiday to Shanxi fifth Taishan mountaineer, once again encounter danger, thanks to the timely rescue no casualties. But then, in January, two climbers Beijing couple went to Sichuan Four Girls Mountain to climb the honeymoon, but because of the lack of preparation, resulting in danger, which killed her new husband, married his wife after the local public security departments to rescue hundreds of people survived behind.

Beijing City Sports Bureau Director Li Lili group is a rich experience of the mass fitness expert, she suggests that in an interview with reporters, whether it is the choice of what kind of fitness items, scientifically prepared is the premise to ensure the safety of the. She said that each person's physical condition in different periods are different, so the choice of the project must be consistent with the physical condition of this period to arrange. The most appropriate way is to regularly every year to the designated hospital or department to make the necessary physical monitoring inspection, and then according to the test results, by the movement of experts on targeted exercise prescription for.

In addition to fully understand the characteristics and methods of the choice of sports events to prevent accidental injury. For example, the mountaineering enthusiasts before departure, good preparation is very critical. These preparations include the local geography, climate and weather situation and carry all necessary equipment, cold mountain rescue radio equipment and related field rescue and first-aid equipment, and related technical training are necessary. At the same time, we should also choose to establish a clear communication channels with the rear open, so as to get timely rescue and support. Also should attach great importance to the cold winter mountaineering.

Li Lili said that outdoor sports because of the blend with nature, as well as the challenges of self and other features to attract a lot of sports enthusiasts. But it is worth reminding the vast number of outdoor sports is that these projects must be chosen in a full security conditions under the conditions of development, so as to avoid the occurrence of tragedy. Any exercise program is designed to fitness, rather than death. Fully prepared before the event, but also the components of these sports.

Li Lili also combines the characteristics of the project to carry out the necessary tips. Skating enthusiasts at the time of activity, should pay attention to the extent of melting ice, to prevent drowning. When engaged in this activity, it is best to go hand in hand, in case of danger, can help each other. The prevention of accident caused by the winter, there are tips to master. These tips are: not swim swim swim Yang Yin, wind rain not swim, swim swim swim clear snow fog, not swim muddy. In the winter time should be according to the temperature was determined, under normal circumstances, generally 20 minutes of exercise is more appropriate.

At present, more and more sports enthusiasts like outdoor skiing, but also to bring the sport to bring harm to the emerging project. In the event of the fans, it should be the first in the various ski coach under the guidance of the study and master the various basic action essentials, while mastering the method of self protection. Before the exercise, as well as other sports, we must do a good job before the warm-up exercise, the body of the joint activities on the open, and then carry out the movement.

As for the current increasingly popular since the car travel, in addition to do a good job of vehicle maintenance, do not fatigue driving, to maintain a pleasant mood is also an essential condition. At the same time, it is best to travel together in order to cope with the unexpected situation may arise in the wild.

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