Tool in the field of all kinds of usage

Outdoor cannot do without knife first look at the situations in which usually need to use a machete.

1, open the case forward with machetes.

2, need long-term camping, need to set up camp with a machete.

3, the need to make tools need to use machetes.

That is to say on the existing route for hiking excursions, and bring their own tents and stoves for travelers. No need to carry a machete. In fact, this includes the vast majority of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

In addition in many areas there is no need to take a machete. For example:

1, desert area

2, the plateau and alpine tundra area

3, grassland area

That is to say the arid and semi-arid regions mostly without machetes, because these areas are not many trees. There is little northeast woods shrub not generally (but not machetes fire heat, should be with the ax).

There is a misconception that a machete to heavier is better now, but it is not the case.

The chopper can be divided into two categories, one can be called open type machetes, such as Malay machetes (commonly known as pretty knife). This kind of thin blade machetes are usually less than 4MM thickness, blade length of 240MM -- 480MM, weighing between 600 - 850 grams. This kind of machete is very practical, light weight good control, open long time will not be too tired, and can easily cut the diameter of 50MM trees and thick bamboo. Is the first choice for field work.

Another is to cut down type of machetes, such as our common firewood knife and traditional dogleg. The characteristics of this kind of blade is heavy or strong machetes, knife ridge thickness of 8MM -- 15MM, and the center of gravity forward through the knife type adjustment or weight, to chop more powerful, this kind of felling pretty thick trees for a machete. But because it is too heavy, not easy to control, is not suitable for open circuit in the jungle, unless you have a very good strength.

  The design should be balanced machetes multiple factors

1, heavy weight, machete chop more powerful, but the ability of users to consider.

2, length, long machete open is better, but to consider the portability.

3, the width of the wide blade can be used as mining tools.

4, knife type, usually with a slightly curved knife type, but this is not absolute.

5, the handle is slightly curved, easy to chop.

  A choice

1, the weight, you can put a stick on the ground, with the white color marked 50MM - 30MM chop parts. Cut 10 consecutive 20 knife. If you cut it in a predetermined position, and vice versa to reduce the weight

2, the length of blade will generally be machetes is equal to the length of the elbow to the middle finger length, but because each situation is different, this is just a reference.

3, a knife to bend slightly, feel comfortable, void hold before and after each 20MM. Can hand grip better.

  Use a machete

1, when not in use, put the knife away, so as to avoid danger or cause other people to misunderstand.

2, when used to take hold, a strong hand, foot, can make the chop more powerful. It is more important when the pace did not stop waving a machete, easy to lose balance and dangerous consequences will be very serious.

3, when cutting in general to 45 degree angle of the wedge is the most effective, can avoid edge trees caught, and can reduce the buffering effect caused by shaking because of the trees.

4, bamboo is from the cut to choose a single. Bamboo is hard, cut down when the angle can be larger, so as to avoid the knife from the bamboo stem.

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