Outdoor activities with a piece of ginger

Toothache with ginger: when a toothache, a bite in desirable ginger, toothache, which can alleviate the. If necessary, repeat the use of better.

Ginger: to prevent the frostbite prone to frostbite of the skin, if using ginger juice repeatedly Tuca, can increase resistance to the cold, to avoid frostbite.

Treatment of joint pain with appropriate oral ginger: ginger, ginger juice or rubbing the affected area can make the joint activity improved significantly reduce pain, swelling and stiffness reduced symptoms, without any side effects.

Ginger anti carsick, seasick, halo aircraft to avoid travel by plane, boat, dizzy, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms occur, can be before chewing ginger dose, and then with a piece of fruit sugar.

Cure colds with ginger: ginger shred, add brown sugar decoction, hourbeforebedheattaking, cover the quilt sweating, can quickly heal.

Ginger: ginger will cure traumatic bleeding burned at the end of the research, the wound after disinfection, sprinkle on the surface of the skin, can quickly stop bleeding, and can reduce the pain.

Cure stomach cold sore with ginger: ginger slices, with vinegar to soak a day, with the proper amount of ginger and brown sugar boiling water, when drinking tea.

Burn treatment with ginger: in case of scald, can be smashed ginger juice, with cotton dipped in ginger rub affected area, foaming anti-inflammatory defoaming, can promote the scab damage.

To treat stroke shock with ginger: take a cup of ginger juice, alum 5 grams, with boiling water rushed to the fossil alum, and then mixed into the ginger juice, and then enter the ig.

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What equipment should be brought in to take part in outdoor activities?

Q: outdoor equipment

Answer: Hello, according to the outdoor activities and outdoor equipment use, finishing the tour pal self-help equipment list, you can buy according to their outdoor activities. Personal wearing supplies: first, clothing articles 1, assault underwear (outdoor activities necessary, wind, waterproof, breathable, wear-resistant...) 2, fleece (mainly containing WINDSTOPPER, windproof, warm)...

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Ginger with skin and does not bring the skin there is a difference

Answer: Hello, good or not depends on the individual needs, ginger skin is cold, ginger is warm, if you want to keep on eating ginger meat (such as cold), such as the fear of angry eat ginger skin (e.g. summer to mutton).

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What are the common use of outdoor sports drugs?

Answer: a lot of friends are in the experience of suffering from the importance of travel drugs. However, in view of the knowledge limitation many people still do not know what drugs are equipped with the most reasonable, now I'm a doctor from the perspective of a party, only one side of the story, I hope to give some friends help 1, anti-inflammatory drugs: ofloxacin (10+ yuan, the trauma, sore throat, diarrhea is effective, but...

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With "Ginger" statement, aesthetic

Answer: according to the spirit of ginger was Jingjiangyouji to old more spicy feeling heavy ginger humerus The older, the more upright..

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When cooking will put a piece of ginger on how

Answer: it will take ginger, salt or lard will be very fragrant. Also some benefits, ginger Southwest Petroleum spleen appetizer, warmingchannelstodispel cold, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea. Conditioning. In summer people like eating cold drinks, ice cream and popsicles, cold dish products, these foods susceptible to external bacteria pollution, improper ingestion can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, and ginger contains volatile...

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Ginger with me will do evil.

Answer: ginger seems to have this function, there is evil like his mahogany effect.

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With "Ginger" network name

Q: don't take those strange symbols o,,

Answer: ginger ginger pan boat last dance alone

2012-06-05Answer: a4765696433 answers1Can Beijing fly with a piece of ginger?

Answer: as long as this is not a very large kind of work of art, (some people love to do with the relevant pieces of ginger, and so do some works of art, but that it is not without its meaning) the traditional Jiang, with the aircraft is no problem. Personal advice, for reference to adopt. If there is a problem, please ask.


Answer: _01 blood.1 answersAsk you what is this flower? From Lijiang back to Beijing, kind of in the balcony...

Answer: one of the most common sorrel, called Oxalis, cultivated in many parts of the country.


Answer: tangtang19961 answersPeel the ginger and do not peel the difference!

Question: ginger peeled and do not peel the difference! Seeking details

Answer: ginger warm and pungent flavor, can spleen and stomach, scattered cold, "Jiang Nengjiang Royal 100 evil, so that the ginger" said. Especially in the hot summer, the human body easily endogenous dry gas. Ginger can not only stimulate the body sweating, but also has the warm stomach, eliminating phlegm, expelling wind, ginger treatment of disease, whether to remove ginger skin is to see the specific situation. For example, cold...


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