Basic knowledge of navigation

Land vehicles and aircraft in the air, and the river ship, its speed is measured by units of multi kilometer (km \/ hour), and ships (including warships) the speed of the unit is called “ ”.

In early sixteenth Century, the sea voyage is quite developed, but it was a no clock, no flight recorder, it is difficult to determine the exact speed of the ship's voyage. However, a clever seaman came up with a magic bullet, he sailed to the sea when thrown with a floating body drag rope, pull the rope length according to a certain time to gauge the speed. At that time, the timing of the use of sand or sand timer. In order to accurately calculate the speed of the ship, sometimes released a long rope, the rope will hit a lot of equidistant nodes, so the whole speed of rope are divided into several sections, so long as the same unit of time, number of rope was pull, also measured the corresponding speed. So, “ ” the ship speed measurement units; accordingly, the speed measurement unit of seawater flow rate, offshore wind, torpedoes and other underwater weapons, but also on the international general “ ”.

“ ” the code is English “ Knot” “ the prefix, Kn&rdquo said. Section 1 is equal to 1 miles per hour, which is 1.852 kilometers per hour (km). Measurement of short distances on the navigation unit is “ &rdquo chain; 1, 1\/10 chain code is equal to the sea, English “ Cable” “ Cab&rdquo prefixes;.

The sea is the unit of length at sea. It was originally referred to the latitude 1 minutes of the earth's meridian, because the earth is slightly elliptical shape, 1 points at different latitudes slightly different. 1 nautical miles around the equator is about 1843 m; latitude 45° is about 1852.2 meters, about 1861.6 meters from the poles. The 1929 International Conference on hydrology, by 1 the average length of 1852 meters is 1 miles; International Conference on 1948 that the safety of life, or 1852 meters 6O76.115 feet to 1 miles, the international sea as a standard length of 1852 meters by. China recognizes the standard, with the code name “ M” that.

In addition, the manufacture and use of ship anchor chain segment length unit flag with “ ” usually defined as the chain length of 27.5 meters 1; use Chinese ship logo to 2O meters 1.

Modern ship's speedometer was very advanced, some digital display, &ldquo at any time; throwing dollars ” has already become history, but “ ” as the ship speed units are still in use.

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Basic knowledge of navigation

Answer: the earth ellipsoid irregular, sailing as circle generally can be approximately calculated sphere, the equatorial circumference is 21600 nautical miles. Sailing on the surface of the earth, to determine the geographic coordinates, direction and reference distance units is to determine the position and direction, the foundation of the sea voyage distance to sea as a unit, 1 miles 10 chain; the speed of ships to day (MPH) as a unit...

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