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Big mouth review: remember a leader once said, the man in the outdoors, the whole team depends on the speed of the slowest speed team.


You are not to travel, you and your partner is a team. You need their cooperation and help, and you have to give it to you.


AA not only is the cost equally, all work, tedious things and physical labor, risk. Is the key. You can't stand by.

environmental protection

It is the duty of everyone to protect the natural and humanistic environment. Take away your trash, and please take away the rubbish from others as much as you can.

Please do not use any chemical cleaning products in the outdoor.

Trust and obedience

You must trust your partner and your manager. The order of the team depends on all people to maintain, the basic principles of all activities safety. If you question your team or the team leader, please choose to leave.


Be considerate to your partner, while you are happy, do not affect other people's lives. In the quiet night noise of the crowd, please stay away from the rest of the tent.


Always keep on your partner's loyalty, regardless of hunger, disease, pain, cold. Don't give up your partner.

Be enterprising

Knowledge and skills are the survival of your survival, learning forever. Be enterprising。


Tolerance is the lubricant and the fraternity to maintain the link between the team


  He wants to care about every person, regardless of their career, status, care for their survival, with their own skills to help them


Outdoor is a kind of life, is also a kind of hobby. But don't forget your family and friends. Everything should be appropriate.

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The new donkey sees Ward jackets help old look worth buying

Answer: to choose to pay attention to 1, two main performance index, respectively, waterproof index and permeability index, only in line with the requirements of the charge is the real clothes. Waterproof index usually needs to reach more than 6000mmH2O, permeability index to reach more than 5000G\/M2\/24H. The significance of these indicators in real life is that if you are in a bad storm...

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How to define the concept of new and old, please discuss a kazakhstan.

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Answer: in the road is not on the level of the donkey grading it? For this we must first give a range, first to clarify the difference between outdoor with the donkey, there are a lot of outdoor included: rock climbing, hiking, waterfall falling, rock drop, bulk deposit, gliding wild kayaking.... are outdoors, but the donkey is not necessarily covered with so much content. I personally think that the new donkey is 1, even the basic...

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New donkey help equipment

Q: recently went to tour pal forum, I feel very good, would like to participate in outdoor activities. But a nod...

Answer: at the beginning of the play did not need to prepare too much equipment, if you pay in many other clothes that depends on the season, but is generally not recommended to wear cotton fabrics, because of sweat, will take the temperature, the use of quick drying perspiration underwear, the middle can use cashmere, wool can also be worn outside the wind waterproof fabric coat, best strong, expensive or not does not matter, the capacity should be enough...

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I am a new donkey, recently bought a new 65L mountaineering bag, bought on the...

Q: I am a new donkey, recently bought a new 65L climbing package, buy a regret, 65L is not too...

Answer: not me, I bought 110L feel good.

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I am a new donkey, want to go to the outdoor stroll, but not what experience...

Q: I am a new donkey, but did not want to experience what.. so some households are concerned about the recent outdoor stroll...

Answer: if it is a pure new, it is recommended to buy two expensive things, shoes and bags, and the other is to buy with the use of. The new play outdoor is 3 months and you hold on the past. Reload through the general to 1~2 years later, the main is the accumulation of physical and outdoor experience. Don't go out for the first time to find the strength is too large, and some leaders do not rely on shop.

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Please recommend a new donkey people camping tents, saw a major fort,...

Answer: many people camping this tent is indeed a relatively good choice, because people are so much more than the space required to be large enough, people will not seem to be depressed in the inside.

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A new donkey, for the tent, three tents

Q: the Lengshan mobigarden 2AIR: tent size: 210 x 140 x 39 x 110CM packing size: 16CM weight:...

Answer: 3 are double double tents, is the door. The Caidi mobigarden and the Teana is a level suitable for spring and autumn season. Mobigarden mountain 2, is used in the summer, of course, the spring and autumn season can also, if your location is at the north side China, don't buy it. If you are in the south of the general location of the camp, and the general camping season comparison...

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Q: RT, of course, is recommended for the first time, the budget of about one hundred knives, and recommend a portable so that. In addition to my body...

Answer: when the stick to buy the keys to the wrist band: the best is soft, there are some flexibility. Can be simply adjusted to the needs of the firm, not easy to fall off. Handle: size and shape to fit your hand, whether it is wearing gloves or not wearing gloves. Handle material: the material to make you easy to grasp the handle. Climbing stick with cork and foam handle, usually...


Answer: 785832849One answers1The new ass for help, I would ask this backpack Alpinisto GREGORY 50

Answer: General tents and sleeping bags are hanging on the side or bottom of the backpack, do not need to be installed in the bag ah! However, the general outdoor travel backpack is 40L to 70L between, not very large activities recommended 40-60L enough!


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Answer: to buy a special outdoor sports shop, ask the boss, will help you pick


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