How to choose clothing in travel

Tourism, highlight a "tour", which means "light", in the premise of keeping warm, good for health, the less clothing, the lighter the better. The choice of travel service should have the characteristics of good ventilation, low heat absorption, strong water absorption, dirty, easy to wash and so on.

In the two quarter of the spring and Autumn period, sportswear and jeans are often used as a travel service. Soft sportswear jeans, good elasticity, rough, thick, easy to climb, a long walk, but also gives a lively beauty move among force and soft.

Colorful summer clothing, but the clothes still travel jacket, jeans as well, in the inner city tour to the most convenient everyday clothes.

In winter, due to the large temperature difference between the north and the south, so there is a big difference in clothing, North and south travel, visitors often have to take a lot of clothes, it is not convenient. Some of the tourists, there are a lot of changing tactics: the north to the south, boarded the bus when wearing Maoku, overcoat, car, coat by people back to the South; to the north, can take out wearing a coat, you can take off into the hotel. Travel is best to wear shoes. Tourism shoes with ventilation, wear, light, soft, and other characteristics, is conducive to mountain climbing and long-distance walking.

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How to choose clothes to go out travel?

Answer: travel is a delightful thing, mainly through the "tour", to obtain a good mood, so when you travel to carry clothing must be light, don't put on or take in the luggage clothing to become your burden. The choice principle of clothes, although we advocate travel when the clothes to wear should be light oriented, but also to be built in a full of warmth...

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How to choose clothes to go out travel?

A: travel clothing with here to introduce the general people will choose the collocation of clothing, that is, sports jacket and dark jeans with. Sportswear as we all know, become the first dazzle sportswear is divided into spring and autumn and summer and winter because of its soft, lightweight and has a certain function and other sports, but no matter what season of travel, there will be suitable for sportswear can...

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How do travel with clothes?

Q: I 166cm.106 Jin, in November 3rd to go to Shanghai tourism, but do not know what kind of clothes to wear?...

Answer: the specific environment of the scenic spot tourism depends on tourism and dress collocation, the following are the specific methods: []: the most taboo seaside seaside resort wear dark shades of clothing and sea blue dress, dark tone clothing so that the whole people instantly feel bad; the blue dress is very easy to make the background of "eating" you. Should wear bright color and light color of the skirt, especially white, yellow...

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If you want to be in the top ten brands of travel brands, you will choose what...

Answer: if I was in the top ten brands to choose travel clothing, the advantages and disadvantages of all aspects of the comparison, I will choose the dragon lion DELL, I personally feel that the dragon lion DELL is not only a sign of the highest price inside, and new design, die plate, functional and strong, he strongly recommended a down jacket, can be turned into a pillow, go out easily!

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Take photos of what you wear on the trip.

Answer: according to the characteristics of the local environment and to choose, can refer to the B station is one of the main cattle lady home video

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For travel to wear what clothes, do you have any good suggestions?

A: I have to go out to travel two or three times a year, to travel what clothes to wear or more have the right to say. I suggest you have to wear breathable and comfortable clothes, especially now when a seasonal high temperature, large temperature difference between day and play are very easy to sweat, breathable clothes if not stuffy inside, at night the temperature is relatively low, it is easy to catch a cold...

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Travel clothes how to do?

Q: because the summer travel every day to change clothes, and often not in a place to stay for a long time, so...

A: first of all, if you go to a hot place, you can carry easily dry clothes. There are many places to buy dry clothes, wash it with a hand wring out water, the next morning the general can do. Love beautiful MM can take some chiffon fabric clothes, wash easily dry too fast. If you go to a cold place, such as the coat jacket, fleece, sweater,...

2015-10-20Answer: lovely Yan pure8 answers<1Two3>2Travel clothing top ten brands, which is now the most popular one...

Answer: I think it is the dragon lion DELL this brand, although the mountains and rivers, marmot, Bing, Paige, Columbia is also very popular, but DELL and the lion over, or dragon lion DELL better.


Answer: tk20211 answersTravel clothing inside the top ten brands which are best to see the brand is which one...

A: I think it is the best to look at the dragon and lion DELL, other brands as if the color is too dark, or else is the style I do not like, long lion DELL is very good, style, color is also very good.


Answer: lqzxlyx1 answersHow to prevent wrinkles in clothes travel

Answer: one: do not wear easy wrinkled clothes! Two: Travel light! Three: for you to take clothes, four: check in the hotel, and then to the tourist area to play!


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