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For parents with children out travel, the most important is the clothing, food, housing, travel, travel, shopping, desire.


Folk have “ two in August, the chaos dress ” say. In September and October, too, some people still wear summer clothes, some people have been put on the fall of clothes. Should pay attention to take such clothes:

1, must be hot to take off, cold can wear together, generous and have a sense of fashion casual clothes.

2, easy to carry, do not be too heavy clothes.

3, as far as possible not to bring a sweater. The sweater in hot weather cover, cold weather is easy to leak, but also easy to cause the child skin discomfort.

4, with the usual clothes to wear, so that the environment has changed is not easy to cause skin allergies.


1, carry a child at home often eat and nutritious food (children's food). Every day to the child to eat, such as the small cans of Hui's licensing.

2, prepare some children often drink pure fruit juice, in the journey to the child to drink.

3, eat the food that is beneficial to the child.

4, with some from the local buy fruit, vegetables (cucumber, tomato, etc.). To the child to buy some expensive not eaten fruit, easy to cause the child does not adapt and sick. The fruits and vegetables are washed and cut into small pieces, placed in boxes, use a toothpick to eat with a child.

5, with some garlic, so that children eat a little, do not eat too much, eat more children will spit acid. Although garlic has some breath, but it is very important for oral disinfection.

6, prepare a small amount of salt, such as 1 liters of water, put 1 tablespoons of salt, let the children before meals, mouthwash after meals, it can also achieve the purpose of disinfection.

7, to the destination, not to eat too much. The parking brake, it is easy to cause the child nausea, children are more prone to motion sickness. When eating, eat more fruits and vegetables, we must ensure that health.

8, buy all over the country to buy pure water, such as Wahaha, other children is best not to drink water.

9, with commonly used drugs: if not very urgent, not to go to the local hospital, it is best to use the medicine from the home, less use of Western medicine. Such as cold medicine Banlangen (also to prevent hepatitis B), cold granules; diarrhea medicine; medicine belly up. Prepare a bottle of iodine, a small bag of cotton stick, if accidentally knock, touch, painted with iodine, disinfect it. Don't use the aid, because it is best to open air treatment.


1, the child could toss about in bed, in order to prevent the child out of bed, it is best to let the children sleep in the middle of their parents.

2, in order to let the children sleep more comfortable, can bring their own blankets, sheets and pillowcases, sheets for children, bed sheets and pillowcases with their children taste. When the child smells his own taste and the taste of his parents, he will be very at ease to sleep.

3, the South more mosquitoes, if you go to the South as far as possible with a very small, very light mosquito nets, as long as you can put the child into the cover on the OK. Prepare tacks, hotel rooms are generally wallpaper, wallpaper which are relatively soft material, directly pin up four nets on the corner.

Note: the possibility of child parents The climate does not suit one. more. For example, the southern air may be more humid, more boring, may play a small rash of children.

That's ok

1, is a security problem, the child never left the parents, it is best to harness the baby in front or back in the back, when the children heard mom and Dad, the rhythm of the heart, he will be very safe, not afraid. Now that take the children out to play, parents do not be afraid of tired.

2, in the car, do remember not to let the child's hand out of the window.

3, to prevent bumps, such as travel car behind each seat has a handle, if the brake when the child sitting in the back of their parents, parents may knock in the child's forehead; if the brake when the child sat on their parents, parents face, may knock in the child's head.

4, don't let the children walk back and forth in the car, one is the influence of others, the two is the impact of the driver, he would think of distracted braking or acceleration effect on children. Very glad to have had a 4 year old child in the car ran, the car passengers also love him, his singing, while making a face, while he is the most happy driver came to a screeching halt, the child from the seventh row seat roll to the drivers right at the door. The child's forehead kepo.

5, let the children sit in the side, parents sit on the outside. For a 5 cm wide armed belt or rope, about 2 meters long, to put the child tied to “ ” in the seat, so as not to slam the brakes, the vehicle turns, or the child fell asleep when accidentally fell from the seat.

6, to prevent the child to put dirt into the mouth. Prepare a separate finger small cotton gloves to the child, give the child wearing in turn, so as not to wear his skin inside thread.


To consider the child's habits, preferences, etc. to choose the tourist attractions. If you are going out with the tour, to ask “ the regiment has what? What kind of level? ” for example, the boss, or are ordinary people. These words have to be asked directly, and the thought of what to ask. “ have you ever taken a group of children? ” they will tell you without thinking with &rdquo “. This is to ask “ children should pay attention to what the road? What should I take with me? ” and so on. See how they explain. Such as “ my child is 2 years old and a half, if you take a plane discount ticket how to calculate? ” according to normal children under the age of 12 there is a discount ticket, 3 years old the following children have a discount ticket. “ in the tourist site, children's breakfast how to calculate? ” “ housing can have a double room (1 8 meters wide, 2 meters long)? ” however, 51, eleven housing are more nervous, there is a room on the good.

Climbing: suitable for children over 2 years old, walking steadily, to climb the stairs

Hiking: up to let the baby continued to walk for 30 minutes, you must let him rest.

Swimming: it is best to find the special coach in this area to guide the baby

Ball games: take the baby to the outdoor play best to try to choose the ball game

Recreation facilities: can train the baby's sense of balance


1, to the tourist attractions can buy a little bit of souvenirs for the child, small he easy to plug into the mouth.

2, as far as possible not to buy a plastic, there are a lot of plastic are toxic.

3, can give the child to buy some national costumes and other souvenirs. When they grow up, they tell him that this is where daddy and Mommy brought you to play.

4, if the child is very strong, and reasonable, may wish to meet the child.

Be careful:

The child to give parents more trouble, parents should continue to have fun, and if the tour guides and local disputes, as low-key as possible with if there is a dispute, find a tour guide, Quanpei (40 formal organizations such as Beijing tourism group, there will be a person to accompany, is responsible for processing).


It is best not to take a child under 3 years of age to go out.

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