The rainy season travel Raiders

Now in many areas has entered the rainy season, although it is the rainy season, but there are still a lot of people go out to play, rain travel is very convenient, especially to the mountain tourism has a certain degree of risk, should pay attention to the following issues:

1, one to the rainy season Yunnan Tibet highway traffic is very bad, unpredictable, good night road, a heavy rain, second days may be thrust or collapse, in some places if you want to go along, please pay attention to listen to the weather forecast before the trip, decided to travel according to the weather condition.

2, rain gear, if you are hiking, hiking, biking, such as adventure travel, suggest you before starting with jackets, pants, shoes, rain rain. If you are in the travel agency travel team, generally take an umbrella on the line, because of the rain in Yunnan, mostly rain, it rains at night, the day is sunny, but you have to travel in the car to follow the entire process, without too much worry. It is worth noting that both the buffet or offered, are recommended to bring comfortable shoes, the best professional and sports shoes of a class (waterproof). And prepare a few sets of clothing, socks for use.

3, the rainy season in the mountain road, especially to avoid the attention of low-lying land, such as valley, river, mountain torrents and landslides to avoid the threat of. In case of thunderstorm, should be immediately to the nearby low-lying or dense bush, do not hide under the tall tree, so easily by lightning. In addition, you should not place metal objects, I can find a low place to lie down.

4, in the case of mountain fog, high winds and other inclement weather, should stop, escape in a cliff or cave to climate change again. Mountain road not too high to estimate their physical strength, fatigue, it should be timely rest. Don't go to fast down to rest, it is not easy to recover, you also don't feel. The correct method is a step, and then relax slowly down a section, or stop to have a rest, adjust the breath. Standing at rest, do not remove the articles backpack, can support a stick in the backpack, to reduce body weight. The mountains the temperature is generally low, not sitting on a stone, the stone will quickly absorb body heat.

5, if the use of self driving tourism, to check the car's performance and ensure the driver's level, so if you encounter landslides, debris flow, through a greater chance.

6, to learn some self protection and self saving method. Once encountered landslides, landslides and other situations, usually do not take risks, the best to wait for the relevant departments of the rescue and ensure the smooth flow of communications.

7, pay attention to prevent colds and diseases: due to the rainy season in Yunnan, the weather is changeable, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, easy to cause colds and other diseases, so we should pay attention to keep warm and prepare the corresponding drugs.

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