A small proposal to walk the mountain road

One, take the marked route

Sometimes, it's easy to get lost. Often use a compass to determine the direction of progress, and when you do not check. There are marked roads that are often branched into many paths, and unfortunately, they are often winding and winding, and take you to a place where you don't intend to go.

Walk a marked road

A marked path is always an interesting route, take you to enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Two, do not leave the road

If there is no path through the field, it is best to walk along the field, because there are many crops in the field, they will be the livelihood of some people. Even if they don't seem to grow crops (spring), they have the potential to grow in the ground. Don't force through the fence and hedges, if they are destroyed, will let the cattle escape.

Respect the curb

Do not leave the road to enter the nature reserve and other resources.

Three, when the road is difficult, you will find a walking stick it can provide you with support.

An important principle is to stay focused while you travel in groups. The leader should appoint a strong deputy leader, he brought up the rear, prevent slower players left behind.

1, special crutches

Most people like walking on crutches. Actually your stick should be longer.

2, up the mountain

Leaned forward, small steps, smooth foot touches the ground, the body will be pushed forward. Don't walk on your toes.

3, down the mountain

Small steps, smooth movement, lean back, reduce knee fatigue, at the same time, the use of crutches can reduce knee fatigue.

4, steep slope

If the slope is very steep or soft ground, should sideways move, use crutches behind the support.

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