Physical food field essential

Outdoor action if the condition is limited, can not take a lot of food, then you can at least take the following small volume and can quickly add energy to the food.

Beef: the market for the sale of beef usually have a long shelf life, in the malnutrition or cold and hungry, eat a piece of work does not affect the work does not affect the walk. Note that the serious water shortage, try not to eat beef jerky, because it will consume a large amount of water during digestion, and dry mouth, dry beef is hard to swallow.

Bacon salted meat to dry after dry naturally, made the extremely salty bacon. When you go to the wild, put a small piece of food into a small piece of protein and salt.

Chocolate: chocolate contains a large amount of heat, and absorbs quickly. When climbing a mountain or exploring a cold area, prepare some chocolate, and eat some food when you feel hungry, cold and physical strength.

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What is the most convenient and easy to carry food in the outdoors?

Q: in the outdoors, more sweat, physical consumption is relatively large, what to eat what the most able to add strength to your...

Answer: the most convenient energy supplement is hard candy, chocolate, raisin. Careful attention to the raisins and beans to eat will produce a serious fart fart fart phenomenon.

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To mountain climbing, with what food can be an effective complement to physical strength?

Answer: outdoor sports, especially when climbing. Most of the time it is impossible to carry a lot of food. So the tape must be well practical. The best food: 1, solid food in chocolate, beef jerky, dried banana, Clay oven rolls etc.. 2,...

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The army field training to prepare those items

Answer: enough water for a meal some temporary supplementary physical food, such as chocolate, beef, dried raisins, sugar, etc.. Alpenstock raincoat headlights. The main point of a drug can be Post Bar once the foot bubbled with there is a mosquito repellent 40 kilometers on foot should not need other camping. Above these are the need to bring. They have to dress: a pair of...

2015-01-24Answer: know Q & a 32 answers1Field survival requires essential items

Q: tell us from all aspects!! I like it so much!

Answer: Camping camp selection of four basic principles: water supply, cAMP formation, leeward shady, away from danger. Four basic areas of the camp's Construction: tent camping area, fire eating area, water area, health area. Water supply: after a day of large amount of movement through the selection of the camp has a source of water supply, is to complete the whole through the goal of the...


Answer: know users2 answers1What supplementary energy should be eaten during outdoor sports?

Answer: glucose is a good thing, when it is all over it to supplement nutrition. According to the old friend said, at the beginning of the plateau, with some way of glucose drink, can enhance physical fitness, physical fitness of altitude sickness, when there is always help. Energy bar is also very good, although the taste is not good, the effect can be added to the physical. Its advantage is through the extraction of the essence of the food...


Answer: know users3 answers1What food or things can quickly replenish energy or restore physical fitnessAnswer: a small bread bread contains a comprehensive carbohydrate is a good source of heat. Unlike carbohydrates, fat and protein, is a form of glycogen storage in liver and muscle in the body, if necessary, you can always access the "reserve fuel" to ensure plenty of physical strength. Small bread as a snack to eat, can at any time to add energy, the most suitable for the physical strength between the two meals...


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1 answersFood capable of rapidly recovering physical fitnessQ: during the day can not eat meals and feel very tired, what small snacks can save energy?

Answer: chocolate, as well as red bull. Eating walnuts is good.


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2 answers1What food is the most able to add physical strength?Q: what food can add physical strength?

Answer: what food can add physical strength? Anonymous 20:03 2013-11-29 prompted the question to answer for the users to contribute, for reference only. 15:41 2015-11-26 best answer diet. Protein, fat and rich B family...


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8 answersWhat food to eat to be able to add physical ability?A: 1: rapid complement of glucose, the advantages of fast, quickly absorbed; the disadvantage is that not too late, it is easy to cause a rapid decrease in blood glucose concentration. 2: continued to supplement the physical ability of the Mo over carbohydrates, that is, the usual bread, oats. The disadvantage is that the speed is slow, the advantage is lasting. If you are strenuous exercise, you can add glucose, and then 30 points...


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1 answersTo the field to carry out a field survey, we need to prepare what are the necessary items?Q: in the field to carry out a field survey, we need to prepare what are the necessary items?

A: with travel and adventure activities, the purpose of the field study is to record the natural geography and ecological environment, rather than walking. Therefore, the researchers must carry a certain number of specimens collected and fixed tools, but also along the way to collect a large number of specimens, and therefore to streamline the effective equipment. Some important equipment or equipment should be used in the bag before the waterproof seal...


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