Chionablepsia generally do not affect vision

A few days ago, Chinese Mount Everest mountaineering team players successfully boarded the summit of Mount Qomolangma was exciting news, but several players suffering from blindness in climbing.

What is the snow? The reporter interviewed the deputy director and Research Fellow, Beijing City Office of Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology Zheng Yuanyuan. Zheng Yuanyuan said that the snow is ophthalmia, is mainly caused by UV damage to the inflammation of the cornea and conjunctiva epithelium, is eyelid swelling, conjunctival hyperemia and edema, foreign body sensation and severe pain. The symptoms of photophobia, tearing and blinded, during the course of the disease will have blurred vision. The Mount Everest players suffering from blindness, is subjected to intense ultraviolet radiation caused in the mountain. The thin mountain air, ultraviolet radiation is very strong, coupled with the reflection on the snow, if not properly protected, it is prone to blindness. In addition, as industrial electric welding, high altitude, snow and water surface reflection can cause eye UV damage. Especially now in the prevention and treatment of "SARS", the public places often use ultraviolet disinfection method. Long time working under ultraviolet light and learning, will lead to the emergence of symptoms of blindness. So don't stay or see things for a long time under intense ultraviolet light. Ophthalmia in general can be restored, will not affect the visual acuity improved. Zheng Yuanyuan said, after symptoms appear blindness, should try to avoid the light stimulation, pay attention to rest, usually within 48 hours can be healed, and sometimes can not cure.

In clinical treatment, is a symptomatic treatment, pain were given anesthetic eye drops, the use of drugs to promote corneal repair. If the medical conditions are not allowed, you can also find some milk eye drops, the same can play the effect of pain.

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The prevention of blindness

Answer: snow blind disease prevention Author: time: 2005-10-12 15:44:00 from: snowblind belongs to photophthalmia, for short wave ultraviolet (380~295nm) irradiation surface caused by ocular tissue reaction. Because of the thin mountain air, the sun's ultraviolet rays can not be filtered, and the white snow or sand strong reflection of ultraviolet rays, and burn the eyes...

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Chionablepsia is how to diagnose

Answer: answer: Xuemang diagnosis Shenyang Ireland Hello: generally have a long time watching the snow history, have recommended the fundus of the lesion to the hospital for further examination of optometry, slit lamp, fundus. It is recommended to the hospital for further examination of optometry, slit lamp fundus and clear the etiology. How to treat blindness is more effective? Answer: hugangk to Xuemang treatment, see the following suggestions...

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Please look inside my eyes

Q: play Yanchao pen, not carefully according to the eyes for about two seconds, do not ache, will not have snow?? Will not affect...

Answer: just two seconds, it is generally not something. Slight damage to the cornea, retina, and other organizations will certainly have, can restore. As long as the current vision did not change, you do not have to worry about. Then be careful.

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The snow is what mean?

Q: what is the meaning of the blind? Explain clearly points

Answer: the blind have a magical "white light in the Antarctic continent". This kind of white light has made many brave explorers lost their lives. According to the article said, when people see this intense white light, the eyes can not see what. The speeding skiers because of blindness and fall on the surface of the snow, the driver of a vehicle or an aircraft often causes accidents, even car coating machine to destroy. ...

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Chionablepsia and what to eat, what cannot eat?

Answer: snowblindness no requirements on the diet, eat what you like, but don't eat what benefits, is the key to effective treatment as soon as possible, to minimize or avoid the blindness caused by visual impairment.

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What is the snowblindness?

Q: what is the snowblindness? How to prevent?

Answer: snowblindness snowblindness is a light stimulation caused by the retina of the eye due to a symptom of temporary blindness. The snow on the high reflectivity of sunlight, can reach nearly 95%, open the snow like direct sunlight, because of the symptoms often occur in the mountains, the snow and the polar explorer, so called snowblindness. Welding workers who did not wear protective devices...

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What are the early symptoms of snow?

Answer: what is not obvious snowblindness early symptoms, such as when found, decreased visual acuity has to a certain degree (this is mainly due to the damage effects of light on the retina), therefore, is not the snow found early treatment, more important to pay attention to prevention.

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How will it snow blindness?

Answer: the winter snow is very attractive, but when shangxue don't forget to protect the eyes. The eye is a special organ in the human body, in the sun light environment, emission of ultraviolet light snow, light snow reflected in large area, which is a lot of UV absorption eyes, eye layer of the cornea easy to burn, "snow blindness". Snowblindness, also known as"...

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How to treat blindness

Q: long time to see the snow, will lead to visual hallucinations, how to treat it

Answer: also known as solar photophthalmia chionablepsia. Because of the snow, the light absorption capacity is greatly reduced, which makes people feel very dazzling, especially in the sun is more obvious. At this time, the snow on the amount of ultraviolet light can be enhanced by 5%-6%. A large number of ultraviolet light is the eye cornea and conjunctival absorption, the eyes will produce similar electric ophthalmia damage. On a sunny day...

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Q: play Yanchao pen, not carefully according to the eyes for about two seconds, do not ache, will not have snow?? Will not affect...

Answer: play Yanchao pen, not carefully according to the eyes for about two seconds, do not ache, will not have snow?? will not affect vision?? 2014-10-18 11:14 which is not money Professor Guang Lai, you're so serious. ...


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