Beach shoe deodorizing method

Hot summer, the beach shoes and feet frequently appear, cool and comfortable. But the beach shoes there is a fatal disadvantage, especially after the wet water left dirty water (such as sewage and seawater), second days are usually smelly...... I think it's because of dirty water bacteria, in a humid environment would evaporate a bad smell... And then how to wash with washing powder can not go to these smell, even if it is not too good to take the sun exposure to the sun all day...

Rumors of a TEVA beach shoe with anti-bacterial features I never tried. This is for the current I have been in contact with the common beach shoes in terms of... This time it rains frequently, and I am wearing beach shoes frequency is very high, some time ago my shoes began to appear in this issue, in no circumstances, I finally found a good way to deodorization: put a bottle of diluted Dettol disinfection of water in a pot and put the shoes on the beach disinfection of water for half an hour to one hour, to take them in bacteria are killed, wash clean, dry, no smelly taste! There is a smell of disinfectant smell of water! Positive!!!

In addition, only with Dettol disinfection, disinfection sterilization Granville Road, not only can guide, Jingkelong aunt recommended, and the amount of affordable. In addition, do not use 84 ah! The drug is relatively too much, at least.

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What are the beach shoes? How to give the beach shoes deodorant?

Answer: in order to avoid being hard objects feet on the beach or marine animal carapace like stones, often people are wearing slippers, wearing slippers and tourism city is very convenient, and bulky, so the beach shoes is a good choice, which can replace the use of slippers, but also in water directly to wear. So what is the beach shoes? Listen to the small series for you to introduce what is the beach shoes...

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How do you smell the shoes?

Answer: on the issue of "", help assistant to answer your kuba. Hot summer, the beach shoes and feet frequently appear, cool and comfortable. But the beach shoes there is a fatal disadvantage, especially after the wet water left dirty water (such as sewage and seawater), second days are usually smelly...... assistant estimate because of dirty water bacteria, will be in a humid environment...

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How to remove the sweat beach shoes

Answer: A, every night before going to sleep, with a cotton ball or cloth dipped in a little alcohol, evenly in the just off the glue, shoes, to be dry after second days in the morning. So after two weeks, the shoes will not smell two, apply dehydrated alum or dry lime powder, packed with a small bag, placed in the shoes every night before bed, second days inside the shoe can eliminate smelly wet clean. Three, the...

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Do you have a good smell on the beach shoes and work with the toilet?

Answer: human skin contact with the things do not use toilet cleaning, Jie Ling is a powerful decontamination of things, chemical substances than the skin is a lot of damage, it should be written on the top of the skin can not be directly contact. There are many ways to deodorant shoes, the most convenient is to use alcohol spray, or orange peel or tea on the inside, or buy some barbecue with charcoal can also be placed inside, there are in addition to...

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What do you do with sweat feet on the beach shoes

Answer: in the shoe, sprinkle fine salt, so that you can eliminate the odor in the shoe. Dry tea drink, put in the old stockings and put it into the shoes he can taste, each wearing shoes inside. Or find some small food to the desiccant can also put shoe odor removal. Orange peel is best to remove the odor, but also bactericidal I tried, the effect is good to put a block of incense...

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How to give sandals deodorant?

Q: my sandals are CONVERSE's beach shoes, wear for a long time will smell, how to deodorant it?

Answer: for a pair of

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Is there anything that can be deodorant?

Answer: sports shoes deodorizing method in this to provide some common problems encountered with shoes you very much for sharing! The day sports shoes to wear in the feet, easy foot sweat, plus a rubber on shoes wet heat, will form a very unpleasant odor. I believe that everyone will be very hard on this problem! Then how to eliminate the smell of shoes? Dip some wine with cotton...

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I buy sandals water stink? How to deal with

Q: my sandals seem to be made of cotton or polyester. Similar to the beach shoes! No small will water...

Answer: that big data users know know how the world know know star heritage sesame sesame sesame... Similar to the beach shoes! A small water inlet will, after two or three days will be some money out. Sports shoes...

2015-10-17Answer: little white we go home5 answers<1Two3>2Refrigerator deodorant

Answer: in addition to taste solution   activated carbon adsorption to a lot of people know, here is no longer. But to remind you that the best activated carbon prepared two sets of alternate use every two weeks time will change, and then get the dry, sunny place exposure, to ensure that it has the best adsorption effect. Secondly, activated carbon this kind of things like electricity...


Answer: users Anonymous4 answersLeak proof pad cup to deodorization

Q: how deodorization cup leak proof pad

Answer: split out good alcohol wash solution


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