To deal with the tourism insomnia

In general, tourism should make people happy, improve sleep, but some people in the tourism will appear insomnia phenomenon. One of the reasons is because the first one, sleep environment change, coupled with changes in temperature and humidity, noise, light and smell change, cause sleep difficulties, this is usually said "have trouble sleeping in a strange place". Followed by excessive excitement, fatigue and chronic disease caused by the impact of sleep.

To overcome tourism insomnia, first of all should maintain a happy mood, as much as possible to maintain the usual diet, living, sleep time and habits. Don't be too tired and excited. To a new place, should be adapted to the local climate environment as soon as possible, to overcome the sense of alienation. Drink half a bottle of beer or a cup of hot milk before bedtime to help you sleep if you are allowed to have no high blood pressure or liver disease. Don't drink tea and coffee before going to bed.

If the above approach is invalid, can be under the guidance of a doctor before taking some sedative pills, such as diazepam, meprobamate and sleep spirit, you can also eat some zhushaanshenwan Baiziyangxin pills of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.. In short, tourism is not a serious disease, as long as the attention will soon be overcome.

In addition, the civil society is also the spread of such a quick sleep experience, do not prevent a try:

1 north foot south: sleep head north and feet south, the main meridians and blood gas, and the earth's magnetic field lines are parallel, people can sleep, sleep too fast.

Method: 2 vinegar just before, one tablespoon of vinegar into a cup of cold water to drink, this is very easy to fall asleep.

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The easiest way to cope with insomnia or what is the recipe?

Answer: do you sleep? Drink a cup of milk for half an hour before going to bed. Listen to the soft music, and slowly fell asleep.

2014-10-11Answer: pan is the first 362 three1 answers

What is the way to deal with insomnia?

Q: you have any good suggestions not, every night insomnia, 3,4 points can not sleep!

Answer: ten points for insomnia, the following recommendations can only be applied to the average person in the daily life of mild insomnia. If the disease causes severe insomnia, or long-term sleep problems and suffer from insomnia, need to find a doctor for treatment. 1 first to establish confidence in life experience insomnia occasionally experience, do not worry too much, believe that your body will naturally adjust. ...

2014-04-30Answer: Yi PI Xia stalls 2One answers1

Serious insomnia, what treatment method? The earth, can remedy

Answer: recurrent can't sleep, insomnia, is likely to be caused by the neurasthenia, that usually do not think too much, learn to relax, bedtime can look at the book, watch TV and listen to music, eat zaorenanshen capsule before sleeping. During the day, you can shift your attention, work, or find something to do in your life, or go out for a trip. You can also do physical therapy.

2015-01-16Answer: gqy93092 answersSeventeen

Beg for intractable insomnia.

Q: the whole person has been very sleepy ~ but the spirit of consciousness is terrible. The night before last night did not sleep,...

Answer: Hello, an antidote against the disease effective prevention and treatment of long-term insomnia can cause insomnia and reduce the immune function of the human body metabolism disorders, caused by modern scientific research confirmed that the heart and blood pressure, diabetes, peptic ulcers, depression, anxiety disorders and other diseases, there are nearly 90 kinds of diseases associated with chronic insomnia. According to recent years, various types of questionnaire survey shows that the prevalence of insomnia in 30%...

2014-07-31Answer: rolling mud 3071 answers

What kind of effective insomnia?

A: let me introduce a few small prescription in the treatment of insomnia: 1 Suanzaoren tea drink 30 grams per day; 2 if you feel anger will add 10 grams of Rhizoma Coptidis soaked in water to drink; 3 with Coptis 50 grams cinnamon 20 grams boiling water soaking once a day

2014-10-16Answer: ask a doctor1 answers

There is no best way to fight insomnia?

Answer: five strategies to teach you sleep the morning when the alarm goes off, the alarm clock to press the hand, some wish to crush the ant mentality the clock down, such painful experiences believe you had. The more people there will be some seemingly trivial problems: dream, night often awakening, a serious shortage of sleep, go to bed after tossing and turning, how...

2014-04-28Answer: Xiaofeng is God C843 answers

The treatment of insomnia remedies

Answer: Hello, long-term insomnia will lead to a decline in our body immunity, weakening the resistance to various diseases of memory impairment, autonomic nerve disorder, affect gastrointestinal digestive function, will cause premature aging, shorten life. Life should learn to adjust properly, drink a cup of milk before going to bed or use hot water bubble feet can help us to treat insomnia.

2014-01-05Answer: jzdmsd1 answers

Insomnia how to do insomnia remedies

Answer: before going to bed with hot water bubble feet

2014-07-30Answer: happy forever 20022 answers

For insomnia remedies

Q: I sleep for two years can use what remedies are effective

Answer: I heard that Suanzaoren for insomnia, but your question is too simple, there is no way to answer.

2012-12-13Answer: leanderling3 answers

What are the remedies for insomnia?

Answer: a good attitude self conditioning method of insomnia 1, remain optimistic, contentment, avoid the frustration caused by psychological imbalance. 2, moderate physical exercise during the day, helps to sleep at night. 3, more close to nature, relax tense and irritable mood. Through proper outdoor activities, you can make your nervous nervous to get effective relief, good mood, sleep is also on the...

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