Outdoor life tips

Field first aid kit

In the wild, no one can expect anything to happen. A first aid kit can extend your life. Be sure to take it with you:

Aluminum or stainless steel lunch box - not only is packaging, can also be used as a cooker. The reflector is the inner surface of the box cover signal

Thin and strong plastic cloth - used to maintain body temperature, prevent rapid heat dissipation, damp or as a tarpaulin

Waterproof matches - fire must be kept well, can be used to seal the film box

Big Candles - lighting, lighting a fire, adding warmth

Multi purpose knife - also used to say it?


Mini post - for help

A small bag of salt, candy, compound vitamin

Tape - patch or emergency bandage, except.

Sewing kit - pick up foreign clothing

Prevention and treatment of blisters

Hiking you definitely have the long crus to rub through, blisters, every step of the pain experience. Now let the pain feel completely out of you:

Prevention: it is best to wear with your feet 'running in' used to the shoes, sweat absorbent cotton or line socks. In the easy blisters place beforehand with a piece of 'aid'. If you have the conditions, you can buy a bottle to the store to prevent foaming spray (mainly to reduce the friction effect)

Once the bubble has been worn out, the liquid in the bubble will be expelled. A hole in the blisters on the surface with a sterilized needle, put out from the liquid in the bubble, and then with iodine and alcohol disinfectant smear around the wound and finally, with a clean gauze wrap.

Prevention and treatment of heat stroke

Mountaineering summer heat and wind in the mountains, because the body can not rely on the evaporation of sweat to control temperature, people will suffer heatstroke

The main symptoms of heatstroke: headache, dizziness, irritability, strong pulse, breath noise, body temperature may rise to more than 40 DEG C, dry skin redness. If it is not timely treatment, heat stroke may soon lose consciousness, and the extent is very deep, it may lead to the occurrence of accidents

The drug, therefore must be ready for the prevention and treatment of stroke in the summer before climbing as Rendan camphoradin, cool oil, etc.. In addition, it should also prepare some soft drinks and sunglasses, hats and other summer equipment.

Once the heat stroke, should be moved to a cool ventilated place as soon as possible, the clothes soaked with cold water, wrapped around the body, and keep it wet. Or stop fanning heat and wipe with a cold towel, until the temperature drops to below 38 DEG C

The heat stroke conscious, should let the rest of the sitting, head and shoulders to support

If the sufferer has lost consciousness, should let it lie

Through the above treatment measures, the body temperature of heat stroke, such as has declined, then changed to cover the clothes, and adequate rest or to repeat the above measures, and send to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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