Survival of the wild, what are the edible insects

An insect, people will think of the ants, crickets, dragonflies, grasshoppers, cicadas, caterpillar and other small animal of odd shape. These small animal hide to play, watch it, but as the food eaten, there will be a lot of people think it is difficult to imagine, perhaps even nausea and vomiting. In fact, insects as human food has a long history, many countries and regions in the world, there are eating habits of insects. According to incomplete statistics, there are about ten kinds of insects, which are used as food in China.

In order to further "encourage" to forget the activities of the activities of insects to eat the courage and interest, the author lists the main nutritional components of insects. Insects are not only rich in organic matter, such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, inorganic substances such as various salts, potassium, sodium, phosphorus content, iron and calcium are also very rich, and the human body needs amino acid. According to the data analysis, each 100 ml of insect plasma contains free amino acid 24.4--34.4 mg, far higher than the free amino acid content of human plasma. The protein content of insects is very high, a cicada wasp containing 72% protein, containing 81% protein, termite body protein is higher than beef, 100 grams of termites can produce 500 calories, 100 grams of cow only have 300 calories.

Insects as food in addition to the above advantages, there are generations of short, fast breeding, easy access and so on. Thus in the field of distress, the insects are often in distress of the preferred food, the author himself in the field has eaten more than ten kinds, feel the taste is good. In order to make the outdoor enthusiasts have some understanding of the author in this list of edible insects, easy access to our field, edible insects taste is still good, capturing and eating method, for going to eat insects "brave" reference. The name "*" is the first choice for eating insects. When eating insects, according to the conditions of their own choice, choose to bake, roast, fried, boiled, fried and other different ways to eat.

The adults or larvae eating locusts, grasshoppers can eat locusts including various. With the leaves or branches break, with plastic tile in the earth out of the locust film, because the film is smooth and easy to catch grasshoppers cannot escape.

The adults eat cricket, hand capture, or at night with lights to lure.

The edible adults, or capture freehand with branch beat.

Some also called des sauterelles, capture method and similar cricket.

Silkworm, silkworm pupa, edible wild, domesticated insects, is not easy to meet. The moth including sexta, slug, moth, moth moth whose larvae are various, because the body hair, looks ugly, generally choose to eat cordyceps.

All kinds of butterfly chrysalis were edible, immature insects than moth larvae, most kinds of plush, edible.

Termite edible adults and eggs, looking for a juequ. Termites into life in trees and soil in two types of tree sacrifice termites color white, no smell of food. While the sacrifice termites are brown, eat a little taste.

The ants of adult, larvae, pupae and eggs, looking for nest digging, or trapping food. Food ants to pay special attention to the ants in the category of ants in the category of toxic, not edible. Smelly ant individual small tail upturned, smell, easy to distinguish with other ants.

The cicada * edible adults, with branches or glue stick rod break. See the water after the death of the cicada gathering in large numbers can sometimes be in the southern mountain of the beach, can collect.

The dragonfly * adults and larvae can be eaten by adults, with branches break, or glue, can also be net. The larvae in the water fishing net.

Been edible adults, net fishing in the water.

Madrepore edible larvae, larvae live in streams, the stones together constitute the sacrifice of silk, hand in the water to catch the caddis larvae Shiwo.

Edible beetle larvae, larvae live in the wood, the wood borer for students, choose more bug kushuzhi will open, looking for larvae.

Edible Mantis adults, larvae, adults or larvae capture directly by hand, mantis egg.

X * adults and larvae can eat, net fish in ponds, rivers.

Bees, wasps, bees and wasps including edible, adults, larvae and pupae. After finding the hive, the larvae and the pupa can be collected after the death of the adult. Collect bees that the use of fire is also in danger of being stung, to be elected in the night, get some more branch fire suddenly torch, while their head and hands with thick clothes or other items protected.

In the field, earthworms, spiders, crabs, shrimp are also often used as food, but they are not in the list of insects, it is not stated in this.

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Survival of the wild, what are the edible insects

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