How to prevent disease

  First, to do what.

One, not everyone can climb the mountain tourism. Such as heart disease, hypertension, acute and chronic bronchitis, emphysema, nephritis, pulmonary tuberculosis, fever, anemia, acute infection, active patients will not stone mountain; second, it means according to the physical and physical qualities and personal good, don't try to be brave to climb up to the resort done in one vigorous effort yourself.

  Two, to prevent injuries.
The mountains are lush trees, the air is moist, the ground slippery pile. Therefore, the mountain must wear non slip performance of good shoes, such as travel shoes, sports shoes, shoes, such as deep tooth.

  Three, prevent cold.

The fog and rain impermanence. In this climate, on the top of the mountain, if the lack of clothes, easy to catch a cold.

  Four, avoid alcohol.

When climbing up the heart, blood pressure, oxygen consumption increased, while the alcohol into the body may accelerate heartbeat, increased blood pressure, which greatly increased the burden on the heart, decreased cardiac function, weakening the ability of physical activity, mountain climbing, has a great harm to the body, so to avoid.

  Five, take some commonly used drugs for emergencies.

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What disease can not climb

Q: what disease can not climb

Answer: periostitis, gout, fear of some bone quality is not too good, the climb will hurt the joints

2011-03-21Answer: I eat in yo10 answers

Climbing figure of what disease prone to sudden death

Answer: general is the heart and high blood pressure, asthma, these three easy to sudden death

2014-10-21Answer: Jing Yi Mu snow5 answers

What disease will often climb the mountain

Answer: back problems, meniscus injury, tendon bone, synovial inflammation etc.. In addition to pay attention to prevent the injured bruise

2010-07-05Answer: xdliu5720034 answers

Weather is constantly changing, how to prevent the disease?

Q: the living environment will always face". A burst of cold and hot, alternating changes in time, poor physical...

Answer: 1, wash their hands frequently, develop good health habits. 2 every morning, wash your face with cold water, massage parannasal Yingxiang acupoint, four, exercise tolerance to cold in children. 3, early morning and before going to sleep with salt water rinse, the water temperature and room temperature equal to rinse the residual bacteria in the mouth. 4, to maintain the indoor air circulation, at least half an hour a day ventilation. 5, week...

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Mountain climbing on the waist to push the disease is good?

Q: mountain climbing on the waist to push the disease is good?

Answer: (1) moderate climbing is good. (2) over climbing is not good.

2015-07-24Answer: tzyatyOne answers1

Sick to climbing

Q: how to climb Laoruobingcan

Answer: old people should do what. In old age, the function of every organ in the human body is in a recession, and mountain climbing is a very large amount of exercise. Ready to climb the mountain of the elderly, we must first carry out some of the intensity of the exercise, in order to have a process of adaptation. Mountain climbing, heart not too strong, once you feel uncomfortable, should immediately stop moving. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should have...

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Is cervical vertebra disease fit to go climbing?

Q: cervical spondylosis suitable to climb it? Gender: male age: 48 Condition Description: for a while not to climb the mountain. Good...

Answer: cervical spondylosis will affect the limbs, not suitable for mountain climbing and other high-intensity exercise, prone to the risk of falling

2015-07-19Answer: benjamin11166 answers

How to go to the countryside to climb to the disease.

Answer: to go hiking in the suburbs

2016-04-25Answer: users Anonymous4 answers

I would like to ask the body is not good can not climb the mountain to swim in Mount Huangshan? I have a heart attack,...

Question: I would like to ask the body can not climb mountain climbing how to swim in Mount Huangshan? I have a heart disease, the body is not good, the stairs are very cost...

A: for reference only heart disease treatment: teaching video points out: heart disease can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. 1, blood arthralgia disease, dyspnea and expectoration, chest pain, shortness of breath, Cunkou pulse sink and later shut tight, small number of main Gualou Xiebai baijiutang. Chest pain, chest pain is sometimes wear to the back, sometimes wear back to the chest, but not so strong back into heartache...

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Do you have a headache or a quick walk or mountain climbing

Q: sometimes quick walk for a period of time or rapid climbing will have a headache, rest for a while is good, this is the disease?

Answer: lack of exercise anemia, or because of rapid hypoxia and high blood pressure is estimated that you usually do more exercise to improve the physical quality of the good

2009-03-30Answer: kilix0071 answers

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