Principles of trauma management

A large number of patients with bleeding should first take hemostatic methods; to cut, stab and other small wound, if out of a small amount of blood but can discharge the bacteria and dirt; the wound should use clean water to wash, to thoroughly clean the wound, to cover the surface with a clean cloth, can not be directly covered with cotton paper and health.


Shallow wound with warm boiling water or saline rinse dry, with iodine tincture and alcohol disinfection, hemostasis, or “ good fast spray wound, then dressing, usually can heal faster. The small wound external &ldquo can aid. A deeper wound, should immediately stop the bleeding, should go to the hospital for debridement, as the injury and suture repair. Incised wound can not smear ointment and the like, in order to facilitate wound healing.


The appropriate to disinfect the wound clean, with a needle and forceps after sterilized, remove foreign bodies, and then disinfect the wound after. Foreign body in vivo of purulent infection, small wound, less bleeding, the wound should be squeezed out of some blood is better, the nail stab is not easy to deal with, the first nail scissors into a V shape, will pull out or go to the hospital for treatment. If the needle, metal and other stab wounds left in the body, should be taken to the hospital in X light. Deep wounds may have deep tissue damage, often associated with infection, and may be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. To prevent the occurrence of the wound to prevent tetanus, should be to the hospital muscle injection Tetanus Antitoxin.


The skin and subcutaneous soft tissue injury caused by blunt force against the skin, no cracks, wound, subcutaneous bleeding, bruising, swelling, tenderness. The light available Shangshizhitong plaster stuck outside the injured area. In the thoracic and abdominal trauma and head injury, we should consider whether there is no deep hematoma or visceral injury bleeding, should be to the hospital for observation and diagnosis.


Often occurs in the ankle, waist, neck and wrists. The general treatment principle is to make the emotional stability of patients, was injured in a fixed position, covered with cold wet. Hand, foot and ankle injury can be raised to the affected part, the neck, waist strain in the handling of non moving parts. Often accompanied by a joint dislocation or fracture, should go to the hospital for treatment. In addition, sprain, regardless of severity, can not be immediately bathing, massage, to observe the week after the circumstances. The treatment methods are commonly used in partial closure sprain, 0.250.5% procaine medicine orally and physiotherapy.

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How to deal with the wound

Answer: timely and reasonable treatment, often can reduce a lot of unnecessary pain. Clean is very important if the wound is not in the upper parts of the face, it is recommended to use medical cotton swab, stained with red syrup, gently scrub the wound, you can rub a few times. Cleaning process should be bold but cautious. (to know, most of the wounds were wrapped up still continue to pain, mostly because the first step is not...

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What are the principles and judgments of trauma first aid?

Answer: Hello, principles and judgments are: 1 trauma first aid principle is the first rescue, after the fixed, and then handling. 2 take measures to prevent the injury or pollution. To the hospital for treatment, should be immediately to protect the wounded hospital evacuation measures. 3 before the first rescue the wounded to lay flat, to judge the extent of the body and the degree of injury, such as bleeding, fracture and shock, etc..

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The treatment principle of closed injury

Answer: 1 acute closed soft tissue injury treatment principles and methods? Answer: (1) early after injury: refers to the 24 to 48 hours, the main characteristics of this period is the pathological changes of tissue tearing or fracture, hematoma and edema, inflammatory reaction, clinical manifestations of partial injury redswellingfeverand pain and dysfunction. Treatment principles: brake, hemostasis, swelling, pain relief and...

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What is the principle of trauma first aid

Answer: Hello, the principle of trauma first aid is to rescue, and then fixed, the best handling. The main meaning is to ensure the continuation of life.

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In the end how to deal with the wound?

Q: I want to ask, like the wound cut, or is injured, in the end should not be cleaned with water,...

Answer: first, the wound treatment items commonly used cleaning disinfectant: 75% alcohol, iodine tincture (or iodine volts), 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2% merbromin, 0.9% ns. The above disinfectant can go to a pharmacy or hospital to buy. The dressing: gauze, cotton, cotton, bandage, adhesive tape, paste, or go to the pharmacy or hospital dressing can buy. Such as the production of gauze...

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What is the basic principle of pre - first aid?

Answer: Principles and judgments are: 1 trauma first aid is the first rescue, after the fixed, and then handling. If there are batches of the wounded, quickly create a safe and effective way to quickly save the channel; 2 attention to take measures to prevent the injury or pollution. The first life-saving treatment after injury, first seriously injured after minor injuries, after the first grab grab to save, save, the patient from the scene of the accident to hospital as soon as possible...

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TV University examination questions chest trauma treatment principles which

Answer: the treatment of chest trauma: 1, timely and accurate comprehensive estimation of injuries, the scene of an emergency treatment for severe multiple trauma, should first be global, holistic concept; asked in detail about the injury situation, careful investigation, do not miss any suspicious signs, timely treatment of patients with life-threatening organ damage. To establish and implement basic life support including basic...

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Treatment of fracture patients, the first master of what is the principle of A. grab life...

Answer: B

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What is the principle of treatment of dog bites

Answer: rinse with plenty of water after the speed to the hospital or the Centers for Disease Control and injection of rabies vaccine tetanus serum don't wound suture

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Answer: there are small wound debridement, oral administration of Yunnan Baiyao hemostasis, blood, detumescence, anti-inflammatory to amoxicillin. No wound on the wound within 24 hours of ice, 24 hours after the hot compress. Will be good.


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