How safe wading

Before launching the first look at the river's upstream and downstream there is no bridge. If there is no bridge, you should find a solid water area of the river bed, where it can be safely passed. Wear non slip shoes and watch out for unexpected accidents in the deep water area.

1, the use of temporary bridge

If you can find the appropriate size of the wood, it is across the river, and then slowly through.

2, wide river

Before launching, carefully study, even if the river looks calm and slow, shallow and safe, it should also be envisaged in which the potential danger. Walk slowly across the river.

3, the flow of the stream

Streams across the stream are dangerous. If you have to go through, three people should be held into a group or use a safety rope.

4, wading alone

Separate wading, stick riverbed rock and cave exploration, will use it as third support legs. Stick up in front of you and leaning on the top leg Pathfinder, sideways slide forward through the water, and then replace the legs firmly. Easy to fall will relax the straps, packet discard. Use sturdy walking stick as support.

5, collective wading

Collective security than wading wading, because can get the support of others. The strongest man should be in the upper reaches of the river, taking the first step, crossing the river can be circled into a circle or line.

6, lined up in a straight line

The weakest member should be in the middle, connected to the others, to get help. Across the river to slow, every foot should be cautious when stepping down.

Three, 7 circle

The formation of three foot shape, support each other, above the waist slightly forward. This is a stable structure, which is very effective in the fast and shallow water.

8, stepping stones across the river

Sometimes it is possible to cross the river. In order to better balance the body, should take down the backpack, and support with crutches.

9, tied the rope across the river

When crossing a dangerous river, it can be used as an additional support. Fasten the safety rope on the body, and then hand in a good job. When across the river with a stick as a further support. In order to ensure their own safety, you can tie the rope tied to the waist with a 8 knot.

10, the use of locks

Safety rope tied to iron lock as an additional safety insurance.

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