100 reasons to live in Beijing

Author: Yin Lichuan, etc.

Press:Liaoning Education Press
Country:Chinese Mainland
Revision:September 2006 first edition
Publication date:2006-9
The number of pages:Three hundred and twenty

Price: 60 yuan

After three years of planning, brings together the two sides of the author and the painstaking efforts of the photographer, a work together to complete the work. There are hot spots and places in the book of idle away in seeking pleasure, but also grasp the change of Beijing in recent years of rapid development, the changed and unchanged in both the rapid loss of faded sad feeling to the alley, quadrangles, the old way of life in Beijing, to seize Beijing for hundreds of years has never changed free tolerant city atmosphere. Since ancient times, Beijing from all corners of the country the people here, and everyone can find the gap here to recuperate. Beijing celebrities from the perspective of a hundred to interpret what you do not know Beijing, the book is more cultural and entertainment style, for people to show a more unique living experience and taste of life. This is a book written in Beijing, but also a cultural interpretation of the city.

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"100 reasons to survive in Beijing," the latest txt download

Answer: live in Beijing 100 reasons TXT complete novel attachment has been uploaded to Baidu SkyDrive, click free download: Preview: 54 Beijing shopping map (2) of 1 popular homes: north...

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100 reasons for surviving in Beijing

A: the book is very old, the Houhai Starbucks, huangchenggener building already rare. Left to me, Beijing has nothing to do with it. What is Beijing, when I was wearing a striped pants with a smirk a picture standing in the Grand View Garden in front of the early spring stopped heating with a bed of life is still cold hotel room bed, the morning mist is a person standing on the roadside...

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100 reasons to live

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Answer: Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, you are gentle, you are a lot of points, Hello, Hello, Hello, have the temperament. Say so much to me...

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Answer: if life deceive you, don't be sad and don't worry, because tomorrow it will continue to lie to you

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I just think it is very strange, how 1 million years of income in Beijing can not live.

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My body is only 100, not in Beijing, I would like to change a city, go...

Answer: the key is you only 100 yuan, even the expenses are not enough.

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