Climb the slopes road and safety

To save energy as much as possible to follow the old footprints. Don't destroy the uphill downhill footprints. Take turns open, grasp the rhythm. Steps are not too big to reduce muscle fatigue. The tall man is open to take care of the other members of the open play step. The footprints to deep, as far as possible with the heel and not just by the front sole support weight.

Rest step:

The effective use of the resting position in a side of travel: when the slopes below (lateral) leg supports the body weight, the legs should be straight, rather than the use of skeletal muscle bearing weight. Medial leg flexion, medial foot in the lateral foot above the ramp. This is a natural and stable posture.

See http:\/\/public.xj.cninfo.net\/xjma\/bgdf\/images\/bgd9.JPG
In the process of moving, pay attention to every two steps in this position should be ended, especially when tired. This is called the rest step. Grasp the rhythm, with the breath. The word line walk uphill or directly. Especially in a personal way, others to follow under the condition of sixty degree slope within the word line is go effort. Sometimes people just can't open the ice snow surface on all footprints, behind the people will benefit, and to gradually step out of step.

Note must form the habit of using the inside Hand Axe with! *
S rope fastened on the safety belt must be downhill from the body while leading to the team behind, to prevent tripping over themselves. This is an example of error:

Turning to dry hands, it is necessary to let the rope side. Before and after people stop.

In the risk of avalanche, the slope is very steep or very slow, or to take time and so on, can be directly on the slope along the slope. This is not the so-called uphill legs or downhill legs, but the principle of rest step can also be used.

Self protection:

  In a relatively steep slope, Huazhui dangerous, the road can be self protection with axes. Method is when the rest stop step (stable posture) slammed the axe vertically into the top inside the snow. Then take two steps to restore a stable posture rest step, and then pull out the ice axe, repeat... That is to say move when there are axes as a fulcrum and protection in the snow. When the fall immediately with a free hand to seize the most close to the location of the snow ice axe handle. At the same time as the focus moved to hand axes (the axes can be inserted deeper).

In the face of steep slope surface directly, you can use both hands to take the pick. (refer to in the face of the straight slope is too steep for)

* must learn to fall after the occurrence of the self-made pressure pick technology! *

Don't have Huazhui dangerous slopes.

Automatic technology here is not good, it is recommended to find a person will learn or refer to the map book. Learn how to implement pressure pick in different poses after the fall (the most difficult is probably his head towards the downhill direction and regular exercise). In a safe place. The brake slip as early as possible. High speed after the snow is often not ideal will not stop the (until hit obstacles).

The fall is to prevent, the pace should be steady, the above said self protection, ice axe, rope should be carefully observed in which side.

The snow is wet and sticky when easy to stick in the crampons, heavy and easy to skid. Can handle axe percussion side. Crampons or use nonstick tablets

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