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Love the outdoors, indulge in the landscape of the Dream Tour pal, nearly a month I quickly mad! Itchy legs, it could not carry, will have the weight training evolved into the mountains Madian Bridge Wanliu park walk, this is the outdoor line this year the most creative! In fact, this season is a good season for their new tour pal entry, because summer is relatively small on equipment requirements. “ to do good work, must first sharpen his tools, ” new ass not use this period of stay at home day, fine buying equipment, looking after prepared against want safety on the road.

Suitable outdoor clothing, is the first to solve the problem of new donkeys. Outdoor sports and daily life of the dress, in the use of materials, design and production, there is a great difference. But no matter how changes in the choice of outdoor clothing, and wear should follow three basic principles, namely, perspiration, warm, weatherproof, it is also the three basic principles based on the &ldquo three layer outdoor clothing; dress ” — — — (Base Layer), middle layer (Middle Layer), the outer layer (Outer Layer).

The inner — — — wicking layer

* the first element of Perspiration resistance

Avoid: cotton products. Because in outdoor sports will be a lot of sweat, sweat and cotton underwear in will become heavy, close, and not easy to dry, easy to catch a cold, especially in winter, may also cause frostbite.

Outdoor underwear are made of artificial fibers by perspiration strong, this material water is good, will be able to timely to ensure the surface of sweat underwear, dry skin. As a result, it has a unique fast drying, hand washing can be worn around four hours.

Material: CoolMax material DuPont Co. Its characteristic is perspiration, quick dry, breathable and comfortable. But because CoolMax is short fiber, so after a period of time, the clothes easy pilling. CoolMaxAlta, CoolMax long fiber, with low pilling. DuPont in 2000 has given the function of CoolMax UV protection.

This price: 100% using the CoolMax material underwear price is about 260 yuan each, the brand will be slightly different. In addition, Poly-Texapore fiber and Thermolite fiber content 55% days silkworm cocoon DuPont heart Yi is also a good choice, at the price of 170 yuan and 90 yuan. In Beijing, the outdoor shop, the price difference. Speed dry pants each price between 260 - 140 yuan, the speed of dry clothing per price between 240 - 100. In the shopping mall at the counter, the price is much more expensive, more than 300 yuan per piece of clothing.

In the summer of T-Shirt, long sleeve shirts, pants, trousers cut two speed dry clothes, also belongs to this kind of sweat has a high demand of clothing. Fast drying was also used in CoolMax material made of T-Shirt, but the majority adopts Polyamide after artificial fiber processing, this material is very strong, has good durability, suitable for a variety of outdoor environment, and light weight, feel soft, comfortable to wear. Polyamide has the same speed and excellent air permeability. The quick drying underwear is wear in summer, so some products also do anti ultraviolet and water repellent treatment.

Washing method: wash, hand washing can be, but to avoid the use of softener, because it will affect the sweat of fiber plug hole.

Middle — — — thermal insulation layer

* the first element of good thermal insulation properties of this clothing with fleece (Fleece), artificial cotton and feather as raw material. Fleece is common in winter and spring and autumn cold outdoor clothing area, this fabric has the advantages of light weight, non absorbent, quick drying properties, is the ideal warm layer fabric. The same weight of cashmere and wool, cashmere in warm to a stroke above. Its disadvantage is that the wind is poor, cover with fleece jackets have become popular in the combination of outdoor sports.

* material: Malden Mills company launched Polartec fabric, is by far the most popular outdoor sports cashmere products, its excellent performance, in the wet condition, still has a warming effect, but also than the average fleece fabric should be light, soft and warm. Polartec according to the warmth of the difference is divided into 100 lightweight, 200 in the order of magnitude and 300 heavyweight.

100 series of relatively thin, can be used for winter clothing; the 200 series of the most widely used, better thermal resistance; 300 series of warmth is the best, but also the most thick. There are 200BiPolar and 300BiPolar series, are double fleece, warm performance is stronger; and Windbloc, Power Shield and Windpro have windproof performance. Artificial cotton and feather as raw materials filled with warm layer of clothing, each one has his good points in performance. General outdoor sports down jacket with a cashmere rate of 80%, the individual can reach 90%, the amount of charge directly determine the price of down jacket. The higher the degree of expansion, the better the thermal performance of the cashmere. Artificial cotton more common for the four hole and seven hole cotton cotton weight, slightly heavier than the air down, the accumulation ability is not down, but it overcomes down the fatal weakness of — — — “ &rdquo cannot touch water; water soaked, warm down, will be reduced by 90%, and artificial cotton still has a good warm.

* price: ordinary cashmere underwear price per unit in 100 - 150 yuan; using ordinary Polartec fabric of cashmere underwear price per unit in 200 - 400 yuan, but a genuine TNF Polartec Power Shield fleece to more than 650 yuan. In outdoor stores, cashmere rate, filling in the amount of 300 grams of grey goose down jacket with a 90% to 420 yuan, while in the mall store will have 1000 yuan (more than other indicators are different, the price of cotton) and a jacket, and not spread.

This washing method: fleece cleaning and ordinary clothing is. Artificial cotton and down the warm clothing do not frequent cleaning, so as not to keep warm. When cleaning can use neutral detergent, washing in the drum washing machine, without drying, tile slowly dry.

Outer — — — anti wind and rain layer

* the first element of weather resistant and good air permeability, this layer of clothing known as “ &rdquo, “ jackets; pants ”. Jackets usually short coat style, with a windproof cap; underarm design with a zipper, moving in large amount when the zipper is opened, the speed of heat dissipation and perspiration rate; all seams are made underwear waterproof adhesive treatment, prevent water infiltration from the joint; the waist and legs are used to improve the anti wind skirt. Windproof performance; trousers with full side zipper, and wear convenient outdoor sports clothing; the elbow, knee, ankle by draping, and thickened abrasion treatment.

* material: this type of clothing is the biggest characteristic of the wind and rain, breathable material excellent made in label clothing can see Waterproof or Breathable ". There are many manufacturers are producing this kind of material, the more common are Mountain Hardware, Conduit, Columbia, Omni-Tech, VAUDE, Sympa-Tex, Entrant, Super-Soft and other patented products, one of the most famous and influential is GORE, GORE-Tex materials, and many of the world's famous brand underwear charge using this material. By the Gore company invention, production, and the GORE-TEX brand name of multi functional fabrics, by "fortune" magazine as the world's 100 best one of the United states. The GORE-Tex itself is expanded polytetrafluoroethylene film layer is very thin (expanded poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene), with a sandwich attached to the fabric, its surface per square centimeter of 9 billion holes, each hole size of only 1\/20000 drops, 700 times larger than the water vapor molecules, so it has let the gaseous water vapor through liquid water is free, not through the barrier properties, so the body's sweat easily through the thin film evaporation, causes the body to keep dry and comfortable, also GORE-Tex holes showed irregular arrangement, the cold air to pass through, which is windproof.

Known as the &ldquo century; Bu ” GORE-TEX fabric, because it has a porous, but breathable waterproof features, become a professional mountaineering clothing fabric, the mature technology makes mountaineering clothes have a comfortable, functional and professional. GORE-TEX fabric through strict testing to ensure long-term maintenance of waterproof, breathable, wind proof function. For Mount Qomolangma, at an elevation of 8000 meters above the harsh climate zone, -30° to -40° cold, more than 10 high altitude winds, GORE-TEX fabric technology can fully meet the requirements of harsh environment. GORE-TEX fabric is becoming an alternative fashion symbol.

In actual wear, we can still feel the sweat can not be discharged in time, that is because of the large amount of exercise, we sweat wicking speed faster than clothing, then you can open the zipper in the armpit rest, help perspiration.

This price: for this type of clothing, can choose in outdoor stores and shopping malls counters outdoor brand variety, style more, the price difference is relatively large, generally ranging from 400-4000 yuan, which includes material differences, brand differences, differences, so people in the choice of underwear charge, must be according to their own need to buy, don't pursue the performance of clothing, the performance difference between all kinds of waterproof breathable materials, no differences reflected the price so much. If you wear professional mountaineering in leisure camping, it can really put fine timber to petty use. The color of the clothes can choose bright colors according to personal favorite, one is in the event of an emergency, for outdoors were found; two bright colors will give the wild animal toxic, away from that in order to avoid the active attacks.

This washing method: emergency underwear to avoid the use of washing machine washing and cleaning, not too frequently, otherwise it will affect the effect of waterproof materials and seam adhesive. You can use neutral detergent solution soak for half an hour or so, gentle hand wash, the dirty parts can use soft brush gently wipe the stains, easy removal, then rinse several times, do not wring directly to dry clothes hanger.

The actual way to participate in outdoor sports wear, not rigidly adhering to “ the three layer dressing method ”, because there are a lot of outdoor clothing products and materials is composed of two layer function, such as perspiration layer and the warming layer, insulation layer and weatherproof layer joint, but also according to seasonal changes change the way of dressing. Outdoor sports to bring us happiness is the first from the participation, to maintain a happy mood is the most important part of the outdoor sports. To meet the basic requirements of the level of participation in outdoor sports, choose the best combination of their own.

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