How to cope with the vortex

The curl of the wave will crash back into the boat and make it stop, and the water will immediately be filled into the cabin, often to the ship to rotate and even tilt. Some may even lift the whirlpool capsized, of course this is not very common, because the ship can be exacerbated by immersion. At this time, the crew should immediately enter the downstream water to avoid overturning possible measures, with an oar or paddling downstream water to escape from the vortex and the surface of the water, although the vortex is usually in the lower side in countercurrent, and vortex are water, not million has, on the shore with a rope can the boat out of the whirlpool.

OverturningBy the waves and obstacles of overturning waves, such as vortex, the unilateral (such as rocks and fallen trees) caused by, so the ambulance object according to the sequence is in turn:

1, your own

2, other passengers on board

3, equipment

Try to avoid hitting obstacles on the trip, if not in determining between ship and stone countercurrent, should try to float on the water, also can avoid this stretch of rapids waters ashore. Try to keep the action together with your partner, if someone is missing, the ship should be checked to determine whether he was entangled in the rope or clothing (which is why must ensure that no loose rope); don't worry about the equipment, priority is determined for each occupant safety. Because it is very difficult to swim to the shore from the overturned boat, you usually need the help of other boats, which should be operated from the calm waters of the jet stream. Rescue boats against the current approach, picked up a cable ship capsized, and led it to the shore, the rest of the ships should be along the way to save the drowning people and as soon as possible to count the number of.

DockRapids and waterfalls are inevitable, in the absence of the rapids flora lifeline to help the boat, and maintain close control of the ship on the shore, can not remember the rope in your own body, tie a knot in a rope or rope around the tree can help you achieve the control of the ship the landing time, be sure to bring all things.

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