New donkey's Handbook: the trick of happy mountain climbing

  Do warm up activities

In the mountain before do some warm-up exercises is necessary, especially for those who rarely participate in exercise, the use of 10— 20 minutes to do some stretching muscles, relax muscles, so the climb will feel more relaxed.

  How to save energy

Go uphill, try to make the heel of less, people focus on the heel, body weight and waist size distribution to the legs, the province around 1\/3 than with feet before climbing. If the road is relatively flat, but also as far as possible the feet on the ground. Go uphill second tricks every time step foot change, the best will mainly support leg straight, this leg will disperse to lumbar muscle bearing part, it can make people at every step, the other leg has 0.3 seconds of rest.

Hand can reduce the burden of both legs, mountain climbing, as long as the slope of more than 45 degrees, you can use the hands and feet, so that the province.

When climbing can be a little toe, toe to heel type step loading, thus reducing the foot and leg angle, the tendon will feel comfortable.

When climbing can be hand pressure in the lower thigh power, this is your arms and legs form a torque arm, will be transferred to the legs; the two is the pressure to help press the palm of the thigh muscles is compact and force. When press a leg is provided to the other leg, will feel like pressing a stone can borrow force.

  Don't always look up.

When climbing the mountain, do not always go up, especially the beginning of the mountain, because your legs are not used to climb the action, go up and see often make people have a sense of exhaustion. Generally speaking, the upward climb, the eyes remain in front of 35 meters at their best. If the mountain is relatively steep, it can be used as “ Z” the shape of climbing, so more effort.

  Shift attention

Don't always think about how high the mountain is, how much time it takes to climb up and so on. Unhurried, stop and go to experience the fun of hiking, not to miss the beautiful scenery. When we are tired, can enjoy the surrounding scenery, can also sing, distracting, tiredness will be cut.

  Down the mountain to relax

Down the mountain must be under the control of their own footsteps, must not rush too fast, so it is easy to hurt. At the same time, pay attention to relax the muscles of the knee, stretched too tight will have a greater pressure on the leg joints, muscle fatigue.

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