The traditional culture and the modern culture of the Kowloon vegetarian show

"Blank", is tolerant, is the space, is the daydream, is the desire, is the most time in the life experience of the process. People need to "blank" based on mutual respect, people need to blank and blank people need to accumulate steadily, breathe freely, people need to recuperate the blank...... "Blank" is not to overthrow all of the inherent, but the new beginning of precipitation.

Perhaps the "blank" involved with too many people heart has always been some kind of feelings, which makes the 2008 BQ blank exhibition held recently by the artist, star, manufacturers, the public's attention and participation, have expressed their understanding and interpretation of the "blank" in different forms. The scene in the blank, not only a variety of new art works to the public by touch, Chinese traditional culture with its own charm quietly affect everyone.

Star interpretation of the traditional and modern style

Classical music singer Ha Hui dressed in a simple fashion and full of classical charm China costumes to show the "blank", the perfect combination of classical and fashion. She also said that the appropriate "blank" also requires the creation and performance, in order to better express the meaning of the song, which lead a person to endless aftertastes. The exhaustion Chinese classical temperament Jiang Qinqin, dressed in traditional elements and modern style woven costumes, detailing as volunteers in the Wenchuan disaster relief in the process of interaction with the children of all sorts, exudes the bones of kindness.

Ha Hui's traditional modern set in one

Classical beauty Jiang Qinqin

The traditional jiulongzhai for the first time appeared in avant-garde art

Blank, China fashion crowd and New York artists from the hands of smile to the royal palace secret daily health drink jiulongzhai plum juice and colored wine each other, red yellow white and black color collocation, forming a picture of a blend of traditional and modern picture, jiulongzhai as traditional brand for the first time to participate in art activities. Will become a major part of the blank "exhibition.

Kowloon vegetarian to participate in the blank exhibition, but also hope that their own brand of traditional blood, modern ideas to people. Jiulongzhai brand originated from the Qing Dynasty, known as the "Kyoto First plum", is the name of Beijing has strong known to every family, the charm of traditional culture. Brand advocacy at any time to solve the greasy, but also fit the needs of modern people's lives.

Jiulongzhai for the first time appeared in avant-garde art

Art, culture, life, taste, scenes and details of the ingenious mix of traditional and modern cultural contrast between the blend, the formation of a blank exhibition of another artistic style.

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