Signs of deterioration of the weather

1 during the day, the valley of the wind blows from the top of the mountain to the valley, from the valley to the top of the mountain at night.

The 2 morning of sericite, biotite and then increased, and slowly sinking

3 clouds walk very fast, and there is a growing trend, but the warning signs of a storm

4 sudden change of wind direction, and the more the greater the blow, but also accompanied by dark clouds

5 in the dry heat or fog visibility improving after suddenly

6 early morning fog filled Valley, still not to dissipate

7 in the day around the sun appeared in a large halo around the moon at night around the small halo, which is a sign of wind

8 before dawn the stars shine

9 evening, the temperature increase, the night is very warm, and mugginess

10 the cloud and mist in the half of the Valley may be a sign of a storm

11 in addition, changes in the weather, nature and wildlife will be changed, if you pay attention to observation, but also to predict the future weather conditions

  Sounds and smells:When the air humidity increases, the sound will spread farther, the smell is more easy to identify - saturated wet air is like an amplifier, is a good conductor. For example, can not hear the sound of train in some places, in the day before the rain can clearly hear the sound of the train.

  Body changes:When the weather is getting worse, curly hair will feel the hair tight, but not easy to comb and animal hair like, if it becomes easy to wound or not as usual straight manageable and is likely to be a storm coming, any have rheumatoid arthritis, corns or related symptoms in the air humidity increases will feel pain and discomfort.

  Observation of a fire:If fireworks steadily rise, indicates that the weather will not change much, still will be very good, if the fireworks flickering, or rise and fall, may the storm.

When the weather is good, the temperature change during the day and night, encounter cold water vapor into droplets or frost, so the night cold, the next day the weather is better, and there was dew at night, the next morning the weather is good, if you see a drop of the web, then it will, if you see the morning frost, indicating the it will be a good weather.

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Explain a phenomenon that the weather is bad.

Q: the day turns to rain, the sound will be very far away, it is cloudy when we hear the sound of a sound than the sound of a sunny day...

Answer: acoustic is a kind of air density change alternately spreads small disturbance wave. The sound of a human ear is in the 20 to 20000 Hz. Belong to very low frequency, ultra long wave. The lower the frequency, the longer wavelength, the ground loss is small, the diffraction ability is stronger. Ground electrical conductivity is smaller, the greater the ground loss. So the sound can spread farther on the surface of the water. Voice transmission...

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A sentence with bad weather

Answer: during the day... Is a gloomy day. Air cooling, cold, and the moment of the person's face, seems to want to cut off the human skin. Sunshine has already left the world to hell, only the rest of the Yin cold. The trees drooped incomplete body, proudly display the wound to bloodshed. Night... All of a sudden quiet down. The crooked hook...

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What is the precursor of rain?

Answer: morning, sunset traveling thousands of miles. Relatively stable climatic conditions, sunset Trinidad, sunny weather prediction. Dawn sky, there is a big chance of rain. Cirrus clouds appeared in the sky, the clouds appear white horsetail, but slowly into the dark, means it is sunny, but one day it may rain. There is a cloud in the sky, that is, the color of the cloud layer is thick...

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I found that as long as the weather is good, my mood is good, but as long as the weather changes...

Answer: EQ is low in general will be affected, and now I will not be before oh I am also such a

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Weather changing animal signs of insects

Answer:: "mosquito collection hall, the Ming Dynasty with a cloak; mosquito bite, and soon the rain came; mosquito bite fierce, rain in the three day." "The mosquito bites, the weather is going to go bad." "Cicada Ming, sunny days", in the summer, cicadas also indicates that the hot weather will continue. But when the intermittent cicadas, cicadas called "stop, even the rain is coming."

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Describe the weather constantly changing Proverbs

Q: the weather is constantly changing the proverb!!!! Don't give me Luanche those not those who constantly changing the weather

Answer: 1, "spring monkeys, or at any time change". Means the spring weather is constantly changing, or sunny or rainy, bright spring days; wind waves. 2, the "sunrise hot noon, rain head". Means that the sun is hot in the morning, and it will rain in the afternoon. (Guangxi state) 3, "thunder singing, there is not much rain". The rain thunder reached the place...

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What kind of weather is the cloud, the cloud?

Answer: experience tells us: the thin cloud in the sky, often is a symbol of the weather; the low, thick clouds are a sign of rain, often snow. The most light, stand on the highest cloud, called cirrus. This cloud is very thin, the sun shone through the clouds to the ground, houses and trees the shadow is still very clear. Cirrus fishes continuously floated, sometimes like a piece of white feathers, sometimes...

2016-06-10Respondents: 18721777650 recruits1 answers<1Two3>2The weather is bad, why do I feel bad?

Answer: the weather will give out a sense of gas, just like people's temperament. See the emperor will be afraid, because of the majesty. See bean will be happy, because of silly humor


Answer: Zuimeng Ren resistant where death9 answersYeah yeah this is not bad weather psychological description

Q: Yeah yeah this is not a bad weather psychological description

Answer: No, this is the language of description


Answer: jdbdjek1 answersExcuse me, what animal the lower stop, the weather will be bad.

Answer: the swallow door stop, the next rain to hit the door.


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