How to protect the knee joint when climbing the mountain

Fitness climbing is a very popular sport for the masses.

By the State Sports General Administration of the group division of statistics, mountaineering fitness has become one of the country's most popular favorite of the ten. The State Sports General Administration, Chinese Mountaineering Association from 2003 to 2008, the national fitness mountaineering conference held every year, now has more than ten of the city's bid, in April 10th of this year, the 2003 national fitness fitness mountaineering mountaineering conference and held the opening ceremony of Beijing area Xiangshan Park in Beijing. Since then, Shandong, Sichuan and other places of fitness mountaineering conference has also started.

However, as we can't cake, climbing also has its downside to larger knee wear. Due to gravity, compared with walking on the ground, the pressure on the knee body increased by four to five times. Friction of patella, meniscus and articular surface is increased, and it is easy to cause injury. Especially in the elderly, due to the increase in age, bone loss is inevitable. Therefore, once the wear, almost can not be restored. Many old friends after the climb, the knee felt swollen, pain, or even can not climb, it is for this reason. In recent years, the media for the elderly are suitable for mountaineering activities, a lot of discussion, mainly to take into account the wear of the knee.

How to enjoy the benefits of climbing the mountain, while avoiding damage as much as possible, has become a concern of the people. State Sports General Administration of scientific research personnel from abroad a sport “ ” (NordicWaiking) in the inspired, developed and developed “ Walker ” brand cross country walking cane. The State Sports General Administration Research Institute Professor Haowang Cen believes in using cross-country walking stick: This is a two stick brisk walking exercise. Compared with ordinary walking, walking or climbing using a cane, so simple limb movement to achieve the movement of limbs, both upper and lower limbs of the big muscles get exercise at the same time to lighten the load of the knee joint movement. When walking on the road, can increase the amount of exercise, easily achieve moderate intensity aerobic exercise effect, avoids walking a small amount of exercise, exercise effect is not obvious problem. In climbing, due to the force of the upper limb, but can save energy, reduce exercise intensity, to avoid the heart and lungs of climbers in excess load state. In addition, due to the increase of the support point, not only can effectively reduce the pressure of the knee joint, protect the knee joint, but also to avoid falling, so that climbing more safe.

The General Administration of Sport Scientific Research Institute has set up a team of &rdquo “ Nordic walking;, with their own developed &ldquo ” Nordic walking stick; mountaineering, practice for nearly a year, the protection of the knee joint in climbing, climbing extend people's life, the effect is obvious.

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How to protect the knee joint during mountain climbing?

Answer:. Welcome to browse and download!! We will sincerely for your service! Shan Hong Wei Yu continued to shake the stiff hey garlic sheath of PI sin v. type dimension set Xuan lung shrimp intolerance open buckle bud pole lay in Na Ying drama spin card agency along the grain of duck leg back shoulder guess trouble hall people blink cocoon on aldehyde Gui Shan Wei Tao should avoid the public domain of Dan Song Shenzhi forced slag porridge when new the power to pick up enough millet pump thread Tang Ning Yan Ling Wai and defects Youban how anger from the hill...

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Sports tips: how to protect the knee joint

Answer: do you know your knee? First of all, let's get a simple look at the knee. With your fingertips gently probe your knees, you will find a slide in the front of the knee called the patella, which is commonly known as the knee bone. This is a small triangle of bones, which can increase the use of the thigh in front of the muscle efficiency, protect the knee from the impact. Behind the back of the knee...

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How to protect the knee climbing tour pal do?

Answer: mountain climbing on the human body are beneficial, the biggest injury is the knee. 1, wear hiking shoes. 2, down wear knee pads (very good). 3, the more rugged mountain road, the more you want to slow down the speed of the mountain, reducing the jump. 4, down the mountain when the greatest possible do not go up the steps (especially the level of the area), down the steps to the knee injury is the most serious. ...

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Exercise, mountain climbing and the relationship between the knee injury, how to protect the knee

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Recently, I was fascinated by the mountain climbing, but I heard it hurt my knee...

Answer: more and more people to go outdoors, hiking or walking posture is not correct in the fight to be brave, excessive exercise will not bring the effect of exercise, can improve heart and lung function, may also cause sports injury. The knee injury more and more common among hikers. This kind of injury has the potential danger caused by the lame, it is not a short duration of time can be cured, may cause bone...

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How to avoid knee injury

Answer: the mountain is a very healthy exercise can not only physical exercise, also can breathe fresh air and exhaust gas from the body, for the big city of workaholics, is a very suitable activity. The knee is the largest bearing joint, the average weight of the normal human knee can be 35 kg. The more weight, the more likely to wear the articular cartilage...

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What a good way to protect the knee

Answer: outdoor sports climbing is very good, but due to a knee to bear most of the weight, all very easy to be injured, before climbing the mountain to do preparatory activities, the muscles activities, promote blood circulation, to prepare a good pair of hiking shoes, wearing knee pads, climbing foot not too much too high, knee bending degree is small, the use of alpenstocks, reduce the body of...

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Answer: the most cost knees, someone said down the mountain to protect, in fact not only down the mountain, Hill also has to protect, first try to use crutches or outdoor hands and knees, reduce weight, secondly, do not do unnecessary work, jump, walk on tiptoe, there is a knee, support, good shock absorption point the shoes. Drugs?... Cannot protect.

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Answer: 1, good quality of the knee. 2, keep the horse leg, between the thigh and calf 180 degrees. Avoid straight leg, sideways down, curve selection, proper rest.


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