The main peak and peak Wei Mountain is defined?

Question 1: a mountain peak and Wei Feng is how to distinguish? The highest peak is a?

Question 2: how are mountains and mountains defined? A mountain is composed of many mountains, a mountain is composed of many peaks, and peaks and peak and peak or peak Wei side, it is correct to say? Are the main components of the mountain, such as mountains, hills, ridges, valleys, and so on, correctly?

Definition: a peak of independent peaks must satisfy each side of the ridge to the summit of the saddle height more than 400 meters independently.

If satisfied, is (the main) peak, or can only become guardian peak. This is why so many of the Himalaya area more than 8000 meters high, only 14 are recognized as the world's “ peak ”. The general is the highest one, there is a central peak of “ ” “ the concept of peak ” sometimes different.

Strictly speaking, it is easy to distinguish between mountains and mountains. But in the popular media reported, science and common, often some of the mountains called the mountain, or some mountains become mountains, this confusion many people are accustomed to see. Because the mountain is the process of human cognition and understanding, it is far more important than the name of scientific research. (step back and say, call a mountain for a mountain, and can not deny it is the nature of the mountain. A range of mountains is often composed of many mountains, a mountain may be composed of many (or independent) of the mountains, as for the strict definition of the peak, generally only apply to the CNG definition of “ very high mountain ” region.

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