Matters needing attention in the summer mountaineering

Weak climber, climbing in the summer activities, because of violent activities, excessive physical exertion, especially not timely supplement the body loss of water and salt, prone to heat stroke.

The main symptoms of heat stroke is feeling exhausted, but irritability, headache, dizziness or nausea. Pale and clammy skin feeling. Breathing fast and shallow, the pulse is fast and weak. May be associated with lower limb and abdominal muscle twitch. Body temperature remains normal or decreased.

In order to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke, some system weak climber, in the summer climbing activities should pay special attention to avoid excessive physical exertion activities, pay attention to rest, to maintain physical rhythm. We should drink some brackish water or drink, even if the loss of the body to replenish electrolyte.

In case of heat stroke, the patient should be moved to a cool place to lie down as soon as possible. If the patient is conscious, should let it slowly drink some cool water. If a large number of patients with sweating, or cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, should be in drinking water with salt (one teaspoon per liter). If the patient has lost consciousness, should let the lying down, rest until the symptoms are slow, and then sent to hospital for treatment.

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What should be paid attention to in the summer outdoor climbing

Answer: is not a suitable mountain summer season, the summer sun, the temperature is extremely high, while summer rainfall also particularly; these adverse environmental factors will affect the performance of the climbers. And the most important point is the individual's physical performance. This is not to say that the summer should not be climbing, but I hope that all of you,...

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What are some of the summer outdoor mountaineering events?

Answer: summer outdoor sports such as hiking, riding through, when the sun is quite strong, please pay attention to the following: 1 sunscreen: Generally speaking, in the morning of the team, arrived at the place of departure is almost noon, the team is not a long time, is already noon at this time of the highest temperature, Jiaoyangsihuo, especially strong ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, skin long...

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What are some of the summer outdoor mountaineering events?

Answer: thunderstorm, lightning, Shan Hong, road landslide, sun protection, heat stroke, as there are some attention to the water. In some places, pay attention to the snake. A camping ground must be well protected against rising, landslide, the stone rolled down the camp; upstream of anti flood, summer rain raging rivers, water must pay attention to.

2012-08-30Answer: yd7092 answers1In the summer, what to pay attention to, but also need to bring something

Answer: Summer climbing? If the mountain, fortunately, rarely mosquito attack you, but few people tread mountain, you should take care of it, wild bees and mosquito Trinidad and Tobago, and some very poisonous snakes. Generally first to the mountains of the environment and the location of some understanding. Mountain climbing, like tents, umbrellas, medicine, food and beverage and other communication tools, some items can not be less. Such as...


Answer: know users1 answers<1Two3>2What do you need to prepare for and pay attention to in the summer, hiking and outdoor activities?

Q: this Sunday, the company organization to go out for a picnic, to do a good job in the sun, I need to prepare for what? Pay attention to what?

Answer: sunscreen is the first if it is pure off-road, don't wear shorts, don't wear shoes pattern of light, don't wear the network if it is simply a pair of light sport shoes can. Best backpack backpack, mountain climbing package better. Install things above the light as a pattern


Answer: anshanljh4 answersElevenIn the summer, what are the problems that should be paid attention to?

Answer: water supplement.. And pay attention to prevent sunburn oh


Answer: know users4 answersWhat is the need for mountain climbing

Answer: a short period of time to climb some of the attractions of the hills, such as Qianfo Hill, hero hill, don't need what kind of equipment, but do not wear shoes, new shoes, high-heeled shoes and sandals, wearing these shoes are not suitable for a long walk, the rough road and the slippery Road, and easy foot blisters, foot skin easily injured. Is suitable for climbing shoes, lighter shoes and shoes with rubber soles...


Answer: Micro music with you6 answersSeventeenWhat equipment is needed for climbing the mountain in summer

Answer: according to you into the mountain time to decide, can be roughly this: drug: oil, gastrointestinal drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, drug, medicine (shidishui summer), or cotton, bandages, and drugs like alcohol; clothing: try to choose the anti ultraviolet sweat quick drying clothes and hats, and portable raincoat or skin jacket. Equip: comfortable fit hiking shoes...


Answer: djdogFour answers4What are the necessary equipment to climb the mountain in the summer

Q: the mountain is relatively high. I am... Girls..... How should wear short sleeved pants? + +?? Kanjian shorts?...

Answer: backpack: with ventilation system, wear resistant fabric, multi storage, convenient suspension system; alpenstock: lightweight, strong, easy to carry; hat, quick drying clothing, sunscreen, climbing shoes, tents, flashlights, picnic mats, water bag, water bottle, GPS, towels, umbrellas, tents, mountaineering clothing, climbing shoes, gloves, protective glasses, map, lighters, food, and more...


Answer: sqh6683926 answers<1Two3>2What to do to climb the mountainQ: what things need to be prepared for the mountain climbing

Answer: I suggest you do the following mountaineering, ready to wear comfortable clothes, thick soled shoes, such as shoes, back to ensure that your foot is not long blistering, loose underwear, is your best choice for climbing (pants mothproof and scratch), the temperature difference between day and night, you better prepare warm clothes in the spring, the rainy season, you must be equipped with personal gear. Food aspect...


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