How to travel in complex terrain

  Mountains and slopes

In the mountain road, to avoid disorientation, save energy, improve the speed, should strive to be the road crosses a road through the woods, leaving the path. If there is no road, the choice of vertical ridge, ridge, mountain, river and stream edges, tree height, Lin Xi, big gap, low grass thinning of the terrain. Generally do not go deep through deep canyons and lush grass, rattan and bamboo weaving place to go groove beam walk, walk away longitudinal transverse. The road should follow the principle of stride, the mountain is also the case. If the pace of increase, quickly go down tens of kilometers, you can take many steps to save less, many physical. As the saying goes: "slow afraid afraid station". When tired, the application of relaxation to the slow line to rest, and do not stop, standing for a minute, the slow line can go out of dozens of meters.

Mountain walking, often encounter a variety of rock slope and steep slope. Therefore, climbing the rock is the main skill of mountain climbing. Before climbing the rocks, the rock should be carefully observed, carefully to identify the quality of the rock and weathering degree, and then determine the direction and route of the climb. The most basic method of climbing the rock is the three point fixed method, which requires the climber to do well with their hands and feet. Two hands a feet or two feet fixed, mobile and other point, so the center of gravity is gradually rising. Using this method, to prevent channeling jump and Mengjin, and avoid two move simultaneously, and must be steady, light and fast, according to their own situation, choose the most suitable distance and the most stable fulcrum, don't cross step and catch, kicking over far point.

Grassy slopes and stony slopes are the most widely distributed species. At an altitude of 3000 meters below the mountain, in addition to outside are almost precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, grass and gravel slope. To climb 30 degrees below the slopes, can rise along a straight line. The body slightly forward, the whole foot, two knees bent, feet were splayed, don't move too fast. When the slope is greater than 30 degrees, it is more difficult to climb along the straight line. Because his wrist is not good stretch, easy fatigue; slope, rolling stone easy, easy to slip. Therefore generally take the form of "rise" method. In accordance with the "zigzag" line on the cross. When you are climbing, legs slightly bent, upper body leaning forward, medial toes forward, the whole foot, toes slightly outward left lateral. Through the grass slope, pay attention not to scratch the trees and climbing to lead the grass vine, so as not to pull off the people fall. Traveling on the scree slope, we must pay special attention to the foot to be practical, step to light, to avoid rolling stone. In the road to slip when, immediately face the slope, with open arms, straight legs (toes curled), the body's center of gravity up to reduce the speed of sliding. In this way, you can try to find the climb cited and support. Do not sit facing the outside, because it will not only slide faster, but also in the more steep slope is also easy to roll.

The rainy season in the mountain road, should try to avoid the low-lying land, such as valley and river, to prevent floods and landslides. In the event of a thunderstorm, should be immediately to the nearby low-lying or dense bushes, do not hide under the tall tree. Trees often lead to thunder, so that people were struck by lightning. Lightning protection, the metal should be temporarily stored in an easy to find place, do not bring in the body, you can also find a low lying place to lie. In the case of mountain snow, fog, high winds and other inclement weather, should stop, escape in a cliff or cave to climate change again. Mountain road not too high to estimate their physical strength, fatigue, it should be timely rest. Don't go to fast down to rest, it is not easy to recover, you also don't feel. The correct method is a step, and then relax slowly down a section, or stop to have a rest, adjust the breath. Standing at rest, do not remove the articles backpack, can support a stick in the backpack, to reduce body weight. If the weather is cold, not sitting on a stone, the stone will quickly put the body heat away.

Climb glaciers and slopes to be especially careful, a lot of people on the glacier cracks, the biggest threat is ice area and Foothills edge cracks, especially the hidden danger of being fractured snow cover. Through the slit, the number of people should be group action, with a rope connected each other, the distance between two adjacent 10~12 meters. Open in front of people, to often detect the actual situation. The person behind must step on the front man's footsteps to walk, this is more secure. Through the cracks on the ice bridge, to crawl forward.

Travel not only to pay attention to the anti crack slopes, beware of snow falling. Ice and snow at the junction of the hillside where snow is often deep, action must be up. Over snow bridge when the open circuit to detect the actual situation of snow bridge, and then pass through the ground. If the snow is soft and must be passed, it should be crawling. Climbing the steep slopes, must stand and move the feet. Step forward, to use the feet palm snow, stepped into the stairs and then move back. If accidentally slipped, prone to immediately, to prevent the decline. Glacier climbing slope, less go crack place. March in the snow, to pick up the hard place to go. Take the heat, do not use ice to quench their thirst, suddenly swallowed snow, easy to get laryngitis. Really thirsty ill, can melt snow and ice gargle, avoid the pharynx to the stomach, the water will increase the burden of human circulatory organ, the influence of physical. Long time to walk in the soft snow, to stride, shorten the time to walk in the snow. When walking to the back foot slightly back a little bit, to stride towards the front foot. Back foot is to have leeway before snowshoeing forward, also can play the role of brushed the snow. Go to step inside the steep slope, snowshoe slope, avoid the body bias margin. Snow is frozen very hard, to take off the snowshoe walk. Walk in the valley, the valley should be close to the center line, to avoid rolling hillsides. Do not close to the snow eaves, not to walk in the snow canopy, so as not to trigger an avalanche. The cornice, extending to the downwind of the cliff or ridge. The upper hand slope is slow, easy to form the snow eaves, 45 degrees or so is not easy to form a steep slope. In the wind, the side of the ridge slope in different regions, with special attention to. Alpine operations, avalanche is a huge disaster. May 1957, the new China's first mountain climber Ding Hangyou died in Gongga mountain avalanche. In January 1991, consisting of 17 all the Sino Japanese joint mountaineering team in Yunnan between Nu River and the Meili Xue Shan Lancang River northwest of an avalanche and The whole army was wiped out.

The avalanche is due to sound, vibration, or rock blocks of snow fall, and the effect of wind induced. Avalanche usually occurs in a small snowball rolled down the slope, there are cracks in the snow slope, there are no trees in steep slope cornice around 36~42 degrees, the length of slope, convex slope, South and southwest slope, to the old snow covered on new snow and snow soft due to rising temperatures and other locations. Generally speaking, the new snow the next morning at 9~10 day, snow avalanche. The avalanche danger zone should pay attention to: pre release strap, to prepare the necessary relief large backpack and other articles, in order to protect the freedom of action. Remove interfere with visual and auditory snow cap, found signs of avalanche as soon as possible. To avoid dangerous slopes by transverse. Avoid shooting and other sound vibration. To avoid falling and other impact snow surface movements. If the complement involved in an avalanche, should be in the flow of snow in the movement of the brave suddenly repeated swimming action, and strive to float on the surface of the snow. Because it is difficult to stop after the avalanche of activities, should be as far as possible in the snow flow of snow surface. When buried in the snow, so that the mouth of the saliva flow out, look at the direction of the flow, to determine whether they inverted, and then try to save themselves.

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