A female climber

The China 5000 years culture school "men outside, women inside" concept, the female is regarded as a mountain of trouble, but in today's era of equality between men and women, out of the portal, climbing out of women is increasing, and the men and women in the physiological and psychological factors, the difference is quite large, so climbing there will be a big difference, so men must take care of women, women should work harder, self requirements, making hiking sexual happy.
How can women climbing Perfetto? The following five point analysis.

One equipment aspect:
1 big backpack:
Boys and girls are quite different, in the choice of a backpack, to choose a specially designed for women's backpack, because of its narrow straps attached distance, carrying the system back to short, and the maximum volume is 50 to 70 liters.

2 daily necessities:
The more girls small problems, so we must take some special treatment of small trouble things, such as: wet wipes, emulsion, paper, comb, mirror, ear plugs (to prevent the night voice wake), facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, sanitary products (pads, physical supplies in preparation), possible period of want or need.
3 dress:
Stockings, socks, gloves, socks, underwear, shirts, trousers, PP hat, work gloves, women's underwear (no wire, preferably a sports bra straps, for non detachable ” “ type).

Two physiological aspects:
1 physical strength
The female physical significantly worse than men, so in the mountain before, we must strengthen the physical exercise, weight training can not be less, and the hill, it must be with the boys girls, support each other, can not make his teammates go out of breath, breathing and coordinate the pace.
2 remove the body of waste: no Restroom, dressing room in the mountains, so the toilet of this event is to find someone to accompany the girl to go out and watch, or courage.
This is the boy did not worry, if not come before the mountain, but may come on the mountain, you can go to the pharmacy or the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors there to take medicine, so that MC early or delay. This is a girl must pay attention to the matter, if you do not know, you can ask the older women. But in any case, the mountain also must take health supplies, to prevent possible period of want or need.

Three psychological aspects:
1 dependent nature: women are like to rely on others, but if you want to be happy mountain friends, you must get rid of the bad habits, because rely on others will aggravate the burden to others, but also to learn anything if you love everything yourself, please go to the planning and management of teaching at long, often there will be unexpected harvest.
2 mental disorders: in front of the girls have been mentioned there are many small problems, psychological barriers is one of them. Including many psychological disorders, such as: dark, fear alone, afraid, afraid of the high cliff, hurt, afraid to go downhill, … … in fact, many of these can be overcome, can be trained, and is gradually developing.
3: along the road at the foot of the mountain, between men and women is occasionally not easy to say, once on the mountain, you must temporarily open a door between men and women, especially physical discomfort or psychological discomfort, must be to lead to even teammates, so lead to, take care of you or your mate think, leading to more convenient to be able to fully grasp the situation in each of his teammates, the safety and stability of the team and everyone's heart.

Four special conditions: the treatment of physiological problems:
For women, there is an impact on the physiological problems of mountaineering activities. The physiological problems, because of the difference of great (each women's physique is not the same), so in general, as long as there is no obstacle to everyday life or pain can affect the mood, and as usual, but in order to prevent environmental changes caused by MC early or late, physical activities must be ready to take up the mountain, the mountain the medicine box can also put some in preparation for possible period of want or need. Women in every period, the spirit is not always stable, irritability, and motor nerve and sense will become dull, bleeding a lot of women may also be due to anemia caused by dizziness and stumble, so in advance to inform the leader or team is very important. In addition if sometimes by the feeling of pain, remember don't let the waist cold, and in the stomach, or hot drinks, serious when can eat painkillers.

Five conclusion:
To become a female climbers happy, it is difficult to say easy, it is not easy to be open-minded, careful, cautious, and more perseverance and strength, can become a female climbers happy, however, can, and not difficult to. In fact, the journey of life is like mountain climbing. It also needs many qualities, can continue to go beyond the self, open-minded, the telescope, at every step, the more close to ideal step in life, is to climb, so live your dream.
Go mountaineering is a man of the world, so no matter the value and idea of climbing and training are mainly in the male line, although only [people] in the mountains, there is no difference [man] and [women], but the woman is ultimately to the mountain.

Physiological papers

We began to talk from the hardest [friends], whether you own cycle is clear, we need to be careful because our body will be because of the high pressure, psychological stress or too tired and lost, resulting in a delay or January. I think based on health reasons, it is best to adjust in advance (note a), there is an advance of the medicine, a pack of three, ten days before the three, second days after eating will come. The following is to cope with the sudden situation or to come

Adjustment date method:

Special attention should be paid to the water treatment of sanitary cotton (note two), otherwise the brand can no longer have such a function of god. Many people will cancel the mountaineering encounter period, it is a pity that, in fact as long as oneself should be prepared in advance, in the mountains of health properly, so in the era of progress, we can feel close to the mountain. Of course, in the mountains of health is very important, I suggest a piece of cotton with iodine before falling asleep (note three) and then gently wipe wet towel clean, do not afraid of the cold, afraid of trouble, usually should pay attention to clean, but otherwise the infection, to whom you complain? In the period of notice abdomen discomfort if Ken, the phenomenon of excessive sugar and drink hot boiling water. A lot of people will feel that the physical strength is particularly poor in fact, in fact, there is no scientific basis, because of psychological death, or else it will not move, so the psychological to maintain pleasure in the mountains should not wear contact lenses? This person's answer is different, but I am here to wear contact lenses mountain some advice: try to use a small spoon syrup, reduce the weight of equipment, in the morning and evening wear, will use a wet towel to clean hands, [has], foresight, acute uveitis eyelashes not immediately will blindness! Again, take a picture of the glass to prepare for possible period of want or need.

Talk about a woman in hate, women may have habits that are not free of it, but in the mountains when wearing inappropriate underwear, will make their own skill greatly reduced, and damage (which contains BRA), so buy a sports bra (note four), elastic, sweat, ventilation and shock (this person Guide). Boys may stand there is sunscreen, but you ask him: your girlfriend face drying and peeling spots, freckles OK? He shook his head and shook hard, some people buy inferior sunscreen, not only have reached the sunscreen effect, but because of too much greasy and absorb ultraviolet light, coupled with the hydrophobic face blocking pores, after the general sunscreen should be four - six hours to add a morning, not a lifetime. Benefit. Hat can also choose to have UV or you are only in the shade and not covered with ultraviolet light! In addition, I suggest to take two scarves, every day when water is clean, otherwise you are working for the forehead, the price will be found on two long forehead wrinkles.

In addition, the girls are most afraid of radish legs become a lot of people, for this reason as climbing as a dangerous road, if the pace is correct, when the force provided, is climbing out of a pair of body slender legs, seven people experience is: put down the legs up, to be very gentle, as if afraid to to wear out, and then use the arm and thigh force up. During the break, do not bend the legs, try to straighten or slightly raised, so that blood reflux. Rest, the palm arch, the palm of the air flap muscle, if you want to eliminate fatigue, pinch toe is very good. However, prior prevention is more important than the subsequent recovery. Walk every day before the warm-up exercises and moderate reinforcement, is very important. Last reminder: go home, if the foot is very sour, do not have a hot bath, tomorrow will be a child's paralysis! Best to soak, and then wash with warm water.

Psychological discourse

I say so much, everyone must think I'm encouraging girls in the mountains while a Jiao yin. In fact, I only provide some convenient and feasible method, hope to reduce the damage to the end, so that those who have been reluctant to give up the female to climb the mountain. I hate girls slightly not liking or screaming in pain, prettily wait for people to serve. You have to pay more to win the respect of others.

Mountain team is a heroic place before, I will feel embarrassed about his role, because I think I am a hero also when not beauty, then I slowly understand what I do not, just a person want to be original, you can very love for you simply live this women, psychological adjustment is more important than climbing maintenance. I remember a girl asked me: sister, why those seniors are not tired? But EQ is also very important, willing to give up, to have to give up, I hope all of the female compatriots are toward the mountain sister, and to protect themselves, to be a child of a mountain.

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