T2 Glove Light gloves with LED finger lamp

This is a combination of a flashlight and a glove perfect outfit, LED fingertips lamp, which is convenient and applicable, save a lot of unnecessary trouble, put it on you can enjoy the outdoors in the wild.

When you work in the dark and narrow space, flashlights and headlamps can help you can provide some light, but it is very inconvenient, but also the impact of your actions, then you need a light gloves to help.

Press a button, LED lighting will be bright and open, anything light you are doing, not bound the headlights and the flashlight, hands more freedom, without taking up any extra space. In addition, the use of multiple light sources will not cast excess shadows in the workspace.

When you work in the dark, you will be more secure, the gloves will shine in many directions, and everyone in the dark can see you.

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1.GadgetGuy1  2017-11-28 10:06:22 Reply to this comment
Awesome idea. Best glove light concept I have seen so far... and it looks like they're finally for sale


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